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The Most Sought-After Resources for Better Human Resources Management

by Soft2share.com

Being an HR manager is hard these days with organizations desperately wanting to enhance employee engagement. In case, you are a part of this realm with too much on your plate to handle, it is always better to embrace a helping hand, genuine advice, a second opinion or just a member of the same community you can share your doubts and aspirations with. And, you can do that by checking out these Human Resources Management resources.

  1. HR.com – It is the widest online community meant for HR professionals. They have a strong social network as several human resources professionals sign up daily. They are a great source for news, current articles, webcasts, white papers, events, forms, templates, along with best practices. As a member, you can contribute by designing your own blog for sharing your advice, thoughts as well as experiences in the world of HR.
  2. Evil HR Lady – The creator of this blog, Suzanne, worked for ten years in a Fortune 500 organization. Her objective is to make people understand what human resources is all about by answering their queries. Also, she owns a big list of Human Resources blogs along with resources on the website.
  3. Entrepreneur’s Human Resources – It is a communicative online guide on human resources for entrepreneurs on how to coach, guide as well as hire employees. One may also find relevant information on employment law, compensation & benefits, and so on.
  4. SHRM – It is a massive association that is committed to human resource management. It has over 250,000 members across 140 nations. A majority of members in this society are employed with top-notch organizations. Their website offers tools, templates, conferences, publications, and study material for human resources professionals trying to develop leadership, public speaking, managerial along with smart decision-making skills.
  5. HR Magazine – It is one of the most widely respected and read publication in human resources that provide relevant industry information. You can subscribe to their HR magazine’s monthly publication.
  6. LinkedIn Groups – There are many groups devoted to HR on this famous social network for Human Resources Professionals. The group called the Linked: HR has more than 697,000 members along with a multitude of discussions taking place, monthly. Further, the other most famed group is Human Resources Professionals Worldwide which has above 45,000 members.
  7. Human Resources on Twitter – In case, you like following tweets, take out time to check out countless Twitter users within the WeFollow directory. They have been registered under Human Resources. You can go on Twitter and add your name to the directory along with tagging yourself.
  8. Talent Management Institute– The TMI community on Facebook is a big hit with thousands and thousands of users sharing pertinent information on how to invest in your company’s talent. There are relevant posts and videos on the TMI page every day along with tips on how to nurture your best employees for bringing out their best potential.

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