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The New Generation of Pay as you Go Phone Technology

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Pay as you go phones have been available for some time, but in recent years they have grown in popularity. Consumers now have a variety of options to choose from, with different rates and features. When you wish to purchase a phone, you can choose from a traditional monthly contract, a pay as you go contract, or a SIM-free option. There are pros and cons to all of these which are worth looking at, rather than simply opting automatically for a monthly contract.


One of the main benefits of signing up for a monthly contract with a service carrier is that the phone will typically be subsidised. If you’ve got your eye on a gadget-laden smartphone, this can be appealing. However, it’s important to remember that you’re not really getting anything for free. In essence, when you lock yourself into a monthly contract for one or two years, you’re paying for the phone in instalments.

How Pay as you Go Works

Those interested in purchasing a SIM-free phone will do better to purchase it online or in technology stores rather than in branded network stores. Another option is to purchase a pay as you go phone, which can be unlocked and used with a cheap SIM card. With the phone purchased, you can then look for a pay as you go SIM card or pick and choose from the array of different pay as you go networks out there. With pay as you go phones, you simply top up your account in advance in order to pay for your mobile phone calls, texting, and data usage. This option is ideal for those who tend not to use all of their minutes every month or who want the features of a smartphone without being tied to a single service provider for years. Phones can be topped up using vouchers, cash machines, automatic bank payments, or even by text.

Pay as you Go Smartphones

While only a few years ago it was difficult to find smartphones with a pay as you go option, today you can pick and choose from the latest technology. Most pay as you go packages include a phone and a top-up voucher to get you started with credits. Although a new iPhone will run you about £500, a new Samsung Galaxy Ace will only cost about £75.The latest Blackberry Curve is available for about the same price from many retailers. Pay as you go customers benefit from the same phone features, apps, and technology as monthly contract customers. This includes cameras, video features, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS technology.

Potential Downsides

It’s now possible to carry around the same type of high-tech smartphone even when using a pay as you go SIM card, but this option may not be right for everyone. There’s a wide range of different smartphones available, but these will incur some up-front cost. It’s also important to compare packages carefully to find the most advantageous rates, as these can vary quite a bit. If you plan to use your phone’s downloading capabilities, you may pay more for it.

Pay as you go technology has come a long way in recent years, giving today’s mobile phone consumers more choice than ever.

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