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The Reasons behind the Rising Popularity of Remote DBA Services

by Soft2share.com

Due to the present economic slowdown IT managers today are faced with budgetary constraints. So they are being extra careful while recruiting DBA experts and are seeking greater proficiencies. The highly compensated and skilled DBA specialists are at present really vulnerable in the IT scenario. Most organizations are realizing the importance of remote DBA services. They are becoming aware of the fact that remote DBA services are capable of delivering better DBA services at more affordable prices than actually employing internal DBAs.

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Problems Faced by Organizations Today While Hiring Internal DBAs

DBAs are responsible for the overall designing and execution of applications. They must therefore, have sound knowledge and expertise in all areas related to business administration. Additionally, they need to converse fluently and clearly with manufacturing managers, accountants and all other business professionals.

They need to manage Oracle database which is supposed to be the most advanced and complicated database systems. It really requires years of training for mastering the intricacies of the complex Oracle database. It is therefore, extremely difficult to find a fully trained expert and experienced DBA specialist. Nowadays organizations are continuously on the lookout for experienced professionals. However, they are literally struggling to locate DBA personnel with adequate expertise and experience for ensuring availability of the databases continuously without any sort of interruptions.

Some organizations take the pain of educating and training some junior staff in database administration. Unfortunately the organization often loses some of these new DBAs after completion of their training. The main reason behind this pattern is that most of the HR departments are not in a position to increase their salaries at par with the current market rate.

The Need for Remote DBA Services

Many organizations today are opting for remote DBA services in place of full-time employees taking care of DBA services. These remote DBA firms are known to leverage a common skill pool and are able to offer much affordable remote DBA services as compared to a really costly full-time DBA.

Today organizations are saving a huge sum by substituting full-time DBAs with expert remote DBA services. These remote DBA services employ a pool of proficient, trained and certified DBAs and station them at response centers for constantly monitoring client databases. At present there are around hundred firms that are providing efficient remote DBA services. Visit http://www.remotedba.com/remote-dba-service-plans.html for more information.

Chief Reasons for Hiring Remote DBA Services

Cost-effective Services

You simply need to purchase specifically those services that are required by you and particularly at the levels needed by you. Full-time DBA specialists would usually cost more than $80,000 per annum and over $5,000 toward training every year for staying abreast with the latest technology. Several corporations are not able to justify the expenses of an internal DBA.

Expert Oracle Support

Junior DBAs are just not reliable for effective and seamless services.  According to the Oracle Corporation around 75% of the total Oracle database outages have been due to human error. By employing the services of renowned remote DBA experts, you are able to avoid the likely downtime related to human error.

Competent Services Assured

Remote database administrators are really competent and fully conversant with Oracle database. High attrition has become a major issue with full-time DBA specialists. They usually switch jobs every four years. The reasons behind leaving are low raises and poor benefits and also, lack of technical challenge.

Assurance of Quality and Efficiency

IT managers are now able to relax and enjoy a great peace of mind. They now know that there are certified DBA experts monitoring their critical databases round the clock. By employing the remote DBA services, IT shops no longer face any threat to the security and confidentiality of their critical data. There are no chances of losing confidential technology to any competitor. They no longer require waiting patiently for weeks before a new DBA is conversant with their databases.

Complete Peace of Mind

Remote DBA services make sure that your databases are being monitored and taken care of by trained professionals and stalwarts in the industry. They can relax and have a complete peace of mind. The IT Managers would now concentrate on some other important issues including maximizing their productivity. Now organizations can enjoy fully automated capacity planning, database reporting and also, pre-outage alerts. They are now able to address the outage issues before the database actually crashes so the chances of database outages are diminished drastically.

Author Bio: David Robertson is a fully qualified IT professional and is involved with IT management in a multi-national corporation. He loves his job and keeps himself updated by visiting sites like http://www.remotedba.com/remote-dba-service-plans.html.

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