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The Right Steps In The Use Of The Backlinks

by Soft2share.com

It makes your site have a higher position in the search results. In short, a dofollow link can be described as a voted vote. The more you get such votes the better for your site.

However, keep in mind that just getting a dofollow link from anywhere will not help you much. It is important that the link obtained comes from a website that has a sufficiently high authority in the eyes of Google.

As we mentioned earlier, links from sites with little authority will bring you few benefits, and those coming from sites poorly evaluated by Google can even harm you. The penalty for such links may be a filter imposed on your site (the entire page is downgraded in the Google ranking), and in extreme cases, banned (complete removal from the Google ranking). Also you need to know what are backlinks.

How to get dofollow links?

The best way to get dofollow links is in a fair way that is, creating valuable, unique and original content that is readily available on other websites. So let’s have a blog on which you can share your knowledge on your company website or store.

Write high quality articles in which you will answer questions and dispel doubts of your clients. Thanks to that many of them can eagerly share the link on other websites. The advantage of this is double. First of all, you can build traffic from referring websites, and secondly, you get valuable links to your site, which increases your authority.

At the beginning it is worth answering the question of what exactly is the link. This is a link that is placed on a website that, when clicked, transfers it to another website. The link can have a different form. It can be associated with a text fragment, referred to as anchor. It can be a graphic element. However, it’s best if it’s just a URL.

In the past, anchors were most often used, especially those consisting of a key phrase, i.e. EMA (Exact Match Anchor), an example: “positioning of pages”. Today it is much better to avoid them or put them at risk. Due to the fact that it’s easy to get a penalty from Google, you should think about your campaign based on link building. Especially since the anchor, and thus the anchored link, can have a different form and give the search engine robots different content of the link.

In the case of URL, the case is relatively simple, because it reveals the website address of the site.

Types of links

Links can be divided into several types. The most important division is to separate them into internal and external ones.

The first type are links that navigate within the same site, moving the user simply to another subpage of the site. Thus, in the case of a clothing store website, internal links can lead to a category of products, e.g. women are clothing, as well as to their specific types, such as dresses.

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