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The Rise of the Smartwatch

by Soft2share.com

Smartwatches are set to become the next hot tech gadget according to industry analysts. At present the choice of Smartwatches is relatively small but this could all change when Apple, Microsoft and Google unveil their models in 2014.

You might already be wearing your tech on your wrist and if so you’re no doubt using one created by Sony, Motorola, Samsung or perhaps a generic Smartwatch for your iPhone. With Apple rumoured to be releasing an iWatch in 2014, this could be the kick-off to an explosion in this market. Around 333,000 shipments of Smartwatches were made in 2012, 500,000 in 2013 and shipments of 500,000 units are expected for 2014.


Smartwatch functions

If you are not yet convinced of the capabilities of a Smartwatch then take a look at the functions on offer. As an example, the stylish, solid metal Samsung Galaxy Gear features a 1.63” touchscreen display and utilises the Android 4.3 platform. The Gear is compatible with other Samsung tech such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Note 3, with other features including a built in video and camera, email notifications and Twitter function. The 4GB of storage means plenty of space for music.

Design issues for Smartwatches

As this is wearable tech, there is going to be a distinct emphasis on style when it comes to the latest Smartwatches. The popularity of Apple’s tablets, iPhone and laptops is partly down to their stylish looks and the design of the Smartwatch will arguably make a difference to its popularity. If Apple does bring out an iWatch then attention to detail in the looks department will be just as important to the user as functionality. However, one of the major issues with Smartwatches is that the lighter and smaller the design is the harder it is for manufacturers to extent battery life, although Sony’s Smartwatch 2 has been providing four days of use from only one charge.

The next generation of Smartwatches

Smartwatches are designed to be a companion or extension of your phone and are designed to do almost everything your phone can do. Smartwatches may not yet be at their full potentional although manufacturers such as Qualcomm have been exploring innovative functions. Qualcomm’s Toq Smartwatch uses a low power 200MHz Cortex M3 processor to extend the battery life as well as featuring wireless, stereo in-ear headphone buds with the watch and buds capable of wireless recharging. With the competition heating up, 2014 could be the year the Smartwatch comes into its own.

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