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The Thrill of enjoying kabaddi online through PlayerzPot

by Soft2share.com

The gaming world is a world of energy, enthusiasm, and strategies. The real drive of a team player is the formation of different strategic master plans and execution of them in the playground. If you still cherish the good old playing spirit in you and truly wish to get into the play again, don’t worry! The gaming platform-PlayerzPot will help you out with all the playing needs. The gaming platforms are rapidly popularizing among the people with the real-time experience provided by them on the screens.

The various gaming options, an arrangement of teams with different players, and assigning ourselves as the captain of the team are the thrilling experiences expecting from them. They satisfy each gamer with hilarious gaming experiences and will always attract them to the game again and again. Some of the gaming portals also provide financial benefits to its users. As they play well, they can earn more.

PlayerzPot- how it works?

This online gaming portal is one of the popular fantasy game worlds. They are providing every sports lover with an opportunity to convert their passion into paychecks. Whether it is cricket, football, kabaddi, hockey, basketball, there is a chance to play on this platform. There is always a chance to utilize your sports knowledge and skill in each game. They promote the customer-centric approach and always satisfy their customers with maximum possible gain. It always ensures the reliable and secure mode of transactions to each of the users. The greatest add on is the availability of the app on your android or my- phone. Kabaddi is the most played games in India; the fantasy kabaddi app is there in the mobiles of many.

Entering into the game

If you are new to the game, the instruction sets below will help you. As the procedures from the installation to the closing of the game are easy, anyone can catch up with the same within minutes. The guidelines are as follows.

  1. Download the app PlayerzPot on your mobile phone.
  2. Then create your account by registering into it and you can easily log in to it.
  3. Amongst the available game set, choose your favourite match, for example, kabaddi
  4. Click join now and start forming the team
  5. You will have a virtual budget of 1000 Gems and you can avail your team members with the budget.
  6. After forming the fantasy teams select the captains, star players and 2Z factors.
  7. Once the match begins, your team members will start earning points based on their performance.
  8. In the end, they will declare the winner according to the performances.

Forming the team

Play fantasy kabaddi online with so many strategies. In the formation of the kabaddi team, you have to select 9 members for each team. This will include the all-rounder, defenders, raiders, star players etc according to your choice, the no of each of these members in a team may vary with the only condition of 9 members per team. So, the selection of team members plays a crucial role in the game strategy.

How to select the members

The members are the backbones of your game. Members in each level will gain corresponding points to you. So if you play to get more points and thus to win the game, a wise selection of the members will be inevitable. Let us see how the whole team is distributed in different categories.

  •     All –Rounders

As per the game rule, you can select a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 players in this category. Observe the track record of the players in their previous games. Always get the members who are in form at the current state. Also, this selection is not based on the best team or worst, as good players will be distributed in all teams. If a team is consistently performing well in several matches, pick more all-rounders from that team. This selection will depend on the main players and the nature of the match.

  •     Defenders

 A team includes a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 defenders. Here also instead of depending on a single team for all defenders search for them in several teams. If the attacking force in the team is strong, you may need fewer defenders. For a weak attacking line, the inclusion of best defenders will save the team.

  •     Raiders

The raider can tag out the many defenders from the opposite team. He should not be tackled by those defenders. Minimum 2 raiders are a must in the team. It is better to keep the riders as the star player or captain. No need to select the well-known player as the rider as his tactics will be very popular among the opponents.

  •     Captain/star player

Make the intelligent selection of the captains and star players as they invite more points than others to the team. The captain will get 2 times the normal point. The star players pull out 1.5 times the normal point. There are more chances that the raiders score well in the game. So, try to keep at least one raider as the captain or star player. The z factor players are those who don’t follow a consistent playing pattern. You will get only half the original point for them in the original match.


Many attractive offers are provided with this gaming platform. At the registration level itself, one may avail of a bonus amount of Rs.30. they also got many interesting cashback offers from seasonal offers. According to your deposit amount, the bonus also will vary. They also feature refer and earn policies.

Wrapping up,

The die heart followers of the online gaming portals can get even many rewards through them. Along with the enjoyment, the thrill of making money online increases the popularity of the gaming portal PlayerzPot. With the appropriate investment of your sports knowledge and playing skills, you can enjoy and win prizes. The apps of these games make it more comfortable to play anytime anywhere online.

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