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The Top 10 Android and iPhone Flight Simulation Games to Enjoy

by Soft2share.com

One of the wildest wishes ofmankindis to fly in the sky. Well, the Wright brothers surely have made this wish come true but somehow, it had never been enough. That’s why today, there are lots of flight simulation games available for both Android and iPhone users and these games have given a new transformation to the whole video game genre.


If you are obsessed with the flight simulation games, go through the top 10 best ones. Most of these games are available on Android and iPhone readily. Starting from the arcade shooter games to the 3D action pack simulations, there is plenty of variety in the airplane games. Get started with playing any of the following:

  1. H.A.O.S

In this game, powerful dictators try to take over the world and you with your helicopter have to save the world. Players can choose from a wide range of helicopters from Europe, USA, and Russia. As you play, you gain experience and with the in-app purchase, you can upgrade your helicopter too.

Platforms:iOS, Android

  1. Air navy fighters lite

It is the most neat simulation games where you get to fly the F18 Hornet in the rescue missions and combats. You have to take some training courses for getting familiar with the controls, weapons, and physics of the game. You can also create your own missions in the game.

Platforms:iOS, Android

  1. X-Plane 9

It is widely popular due to its intensity realistic gameplay. You will have 6 locations and 10 aircrafts there in the game to keep on flying in bad weather conditions and other game challenges. There is even multiplayer mode and you can play it on PC too.

Platforms:Web, Android

  1. Infinite flight

It is a game with more realism than you can imagine. There are lots of plane models to choose from and wide areas with animated surfaces for flying. The stimulation will surely make you say that flying around is easier said than done.

Platforms:iOS, Android

  1. Absolute RC plane simulator

It is not one of the most greatest games of all but it can still catch the attention of some enthusiasts with its electric radio controlled planes, radio controlled gadgets and choices in the control mechanism.

Platforms:iOS, Android


  1. Winds of steel

This game can take you back to World War Two, right from the Pearl Harbor attach to the bombings in Japan. You can enjoy pioting 12 famous pacific fighters and bombers throughout the game.

Platforms:iOS, Android

  1. Mortal skies 2

It is an air combat shooter game, which sets in the past century in classic arcade game mode. There are 9 different levels in the game, 13 weapon upgrades, and lots of bosses and achievements to get at the end of each level.

Platforms:iOS, Android

  1. Wings of fury

The game might look simple when you first look at it but it can be pretty fun and challenging as you move to the next levels. It has an old school classic game setting and your mission is to defeat the bad guys and stop them from bagging your base.


  1. Gunship II

Do you want to fly helicopters? Gunship II is the perfect game for you then. It is set in the war where you can choose from several helicopters such as AH-1 Cobra, H-13 Sioux and some other aircrafts. There are 5 realistic war missions waiting for you in the game. It is available in single player mode only.


  1. Stealth Chopper 3D

This game is going to put you into the back hawk helicopter cockpit. The graphics of the game are pretty amazing and the physics seems to be quite realistic. You will come across a variety of enemies to fight against in the game. If you want to enjoy the game’s action at its best, make sure you are using a Dual Core smartphone.


These High quality games simulation games can be highly addictive once you get hold of them. Most of them come with in-app purchases that can let you enjoy the game even more.  The interesting part is that kids and adults both are equally eager to enjoy the simulation experience with theseairplane games.If you have always wished to fly, these games are meant for you.

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