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The Top Wireless Earbuds For Android

by Soft2share.com

Let’s face it, when you’re out running or taking a stroll, that annoying wire hanging from your ear buds can be annoying and get in the way. This causes a lot of people to try and find a way to cleverly hide the cord through their shirt or put it behind them. This isn’t ideal but fortunately, there are a lot of low budget and high quality wireless ear buds on the market today.

Wireless Earbuds For Android

We’ve taken the time to go through a vast majority of those Best Wireless Earbuds available today so that we can provide you with a non-biased top wireless earbuds review.

#1 – Decibullz Custom Fit Wireless Earbuds

Price: $59.99

Decibullz hasn’t been around for long in audio accessories but they’ve made a huge entrance with these custom fit earbuds. The best part about these earbuds is that if you own a microwave and a cup of water, you can custom mold these earbuds to fit your ear specifically. Getting custom ear molds done usually cost hundreds of dollars and is a time consuming process.

The only con we can find for these earbuds is that the wire is a bit longer than we’d like. These earbuds provide excellent immersive sound with a custom fit that fits snug around your ears.

#2 – Treblab Xr100 Sports Earphones

Price: $29.97

These earbuds are incredibly cheap and offer so much in terms of versatility and functionality. One of the features we immediately noticed was noise cancellation, which is a necessary function when you’re running. These earbuds are perfect for runners not only for noise cancellation but for the sweat proof interior as well. Your earbuds won’t get all sticky after a hot summer day of jogging.

These earbuds also have a tight grip around the ears and won’t fall off like other earbuds do. Also, if you’re someone who takes really long strolls or spends a lot of time outside, you can enjoy 9 hours of charged battery usage with these earbuds.

#3 – Canbor Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Price: $35.99

For those who enjoy running in the rain, you’ll enjoy these IPX5 waterproof earbuds that have extra coat resistance on the outside of the buds. Water won’t slip past the comfy outer edge of the earbuds. They’re also highly sweat proof as well to prevent that sticky summer feeling.

If you need to switch to a phone conversation, no problem, because these also double as headphones and have a built in mic. It has superior HD sound and noise cancellation from the background so you won’t have to worry about the noisy streets getting in the way of your conversation. It’s highly cross-compatible as well with not only Android but iPhones, Tablets, iPads and other devices as well.

#4 – AYL Bluetooth Headphones V4.1

Price: $29.99

With such a low pricing point, we were skeptical of critical things like the battery life but upon closer inspection, we were quite impressed. One of the most impressive things about these earbuds is the 7 hours of usage time battery life and if you’re not using them, they can be on standby for 175 hours. If you have more than one device, you can paid these effortlessly with more than one Bluetooth device.

#5 – TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones

Price: $30.99

Lastly, we have another cheap set of earbuds that double as a headset with a built in HD microphone. These are great for working out with a snug tight fit around your ears. One of the most unique features si the magnetic strips attached to the earbuds so that you can clip them together when not in use. You don’t have to put them in your pocket and deal with a tangled cord every time you take them out. The battery life isn’t as impressive as the other picks, while this comes in at 5 hours of playtime, it’s still adequate.

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