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The Transition of Veterans from Military to Civil Life

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Military service is tough, dangerous and demanding because the people who are in the military do not work for themselves, but they work for their country. They have a selfless love for their country and are ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of peace. Such selfless people live only for their country. But as they grow old and their service ends they have to come back to live a normal life of a civilian.

Being a veteran and a civilian after service might feel bit hard, but, as the time passes, people adjust to the situation. There are many job opportunities for the veteran in manufacturing. Every industry wants people who are loyal and disciplined. But sometimes it becomes very hard for veterans to have a smooth transition and do a regular job. This post focuses on the issues of a military veteran to adjust as a civilian.

  • Educational qualification

This is one of the serious issues, which veteran faces if they didn’t complete their college. Many times, it happens that young people enter military service to serve the country. And because of being very young they might have completed only their school education. This wouldn’t have affected their military career, but once their service is completed, and they are among civilians, things change. To do any kind of job having a degree is very important. A few years back there was no solution to this problem. But now, there are many online correspondence courses by which the veterans can get a degree and a respectable job.

  • Suffering from disorders

Some companies are reluctant to hire veterans as they may suffer from disorders. Before hiring a prospective employee, the company does a full background check. They do this to find out if the employee has a sound mind and body. This helps them to figure out whether the employee can handle the pressure and not cause any kind of disruption in the work environment. One of the most common disorders is post-traumatic stress disorder, which is known as PSTD in short.

This disorder happens to those who have experienced a shocking, scary, or dangerous event. It is common among military veteran which undergo a lot of stress during combats and have to face many traumatic situations. The people who have this disorder get easily startled, have angry outbursts, have difficulty in sleeping and may have a flashback of the incident, which has caused this disorder. To handle this, it’s necessary to consult a psychologist and go for counseling sessions.

  • Veterans who served in combat

Veterans who served in a combat have a tough time to readjust in normal life. This is because they have gone through a number of things during their service such as physical injuries, mental trauma or seeing a friend being killed or injured. All this somewhere or the other affects the mind of people. It becomes impossible to come out of those memories and start fresh. But if something comes to an end, then it’s the beginning of something new. To forget the past and move forward is all that people can do to survive in life.

Despite all these issues, there are many military veteran jobs in the manufacturing industries and other fields too where companies are hiring the veterans and giving them a respectable position.


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