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The What, Why, and How of Staging Your Home

by Soft2share.com

Have you been thinking about selling your home? If so, then make sure you don’t forget about the most important aspect of listing your home for sale, and no it’s not finding a good realtor, it’s properly staging it. Staging your home is sort of like entering a beauty pageant, you


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throw on a lot of make-up and spruce it up for a short period of time so that others find it enticing. There are statistics galore that prove home staging goes a long way to a quick sale and for the most money! Allow me to provide you with some of the most important staging tips below so that you can get top dollar for your home.


Nobody likes clutter, and when prospective buyers walk through your house, they will see that clutter and associate it with their own home. It’s hard for buyers to picture how they would arrange their sofas and tables in the living room if it’s filled with boxes and baby toys. De-cluttering and cleaning your house is the first step in staging, and it’s an important one.

Two of the most important factors to any potential homebuyer are light and space. Nobody wants to live in a dingy home, nor do they want to feel cramped and without enough space. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of creating the illusion of additional light and space that can go a long way. The use of mirrors can actually accomplish both. Astylish mirror of any type will grab natural light that you didn’t even know existed, and adds a touch of style to your home décor. They are also excellent for creating a feeling of additional space in a room that might otherwise feel small and restrictive.

A common misconception is that home staging should involve only neutral décor and coloring. This way it will appeal to the broad masses rather than a select few. I wholeheartedly disagree, if you want to stand out from the thousands of other available homes then you need to be creative and bold. Antique and vintage furniture is a popular style that when done right can be quite appealing to prospective buyers. You may be worried about the cost of buying new furniture, but browsing online for select pieces can save you money. Not to mention you have the option of taking it with you to your next home. Home staging is not only great for selling your current home, but potentially decorating your next home as well.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! I can’t emphasize the importance that home accessories play in staging a home. First, they dress up a home and add the finishing touches! Lastly, they are the least expensive additions you can make when staging.  A simple rug or centerpiece can go a long way in appealing to buyers, not to mention the out of pocket costs are minimal in comparison to refurbishing the interior of your home.

Remember, staging your home properly will go a long way to a quick and prosperous sale. You may think you are saving money by not sinking money into a home that you’re selling, but there’s no telling how much potential cash you will lose by not maximizing the home’s value with the simple tips listed above.

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