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Things to consider before you start building a recording studio design

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A recording studio is a space equipped with tools, specially crafted for the making and chronicling of audio performances, to be kept for replications and reproductions later. The different kinds of recording studios include ‘home studios’, of course built in a person’s house and ‘professional studios’, having different specialties like pre-production, sampling and mixing down.

Before you establish the best recording studio in Dubai, it is significant to determine the sort of facilities you would want it to have, the right location to be chosen, and decide whether the studio should be commercial or personal.

Home Studio

As the name depicts, is located in somebody’s house and can be classified into two even smaller groups, the “semi-pro” and the “pro”. While a semi-pro studio include equipment that are good enough for making demos and experimental materials within a cost efficient budget; a pro home studio is actually a professional studio that is just privately owned. This studio has apparatus found in commercial pro studios and the recordings made are good enough for market consumption.

Professional Studio

Professional studios have different specialties like pre-production, sampling and mixing down. Hence, the design for a commercial studio would depend on its field of concentration. Pre-production recording studios would deal with pre-recording. Sampling studios on the other hand, would handle manipulating complete musical scores using a sampler. Mix-down studios, are designed for the remixing, or making new versions of already finished audio tracks.

Other types

Sound to Picture studios would deal with putting audio to edited video like movies and commercials. Radio, Speech and Drama studios specifically made for recording interviews and dramas, and Cutting studios are specified for the relocation of material from a several sources to the final master disks.

Whichever of the above mentioned studios you plan to build, finalizing the whole thing before you start on the recording studio design is important. Without a determinative decision, location issues, budgeting, and matters of size would not be addressed. However, it is always appropriate to position a recording studio in an area approachable by possible clients and sponsors.

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