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Things to Know About Gastric Band Bariatric Surgery

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Getting a weight loss surgery can be a life-changing experience. So it makes sense why most patients that suffer from obesity and its related health issues want to know everything about bariatric surgery before they get it done in Long Island.

Here in Long Island one of the most popular weight loss procedures that you can get today is gastric band surgery. Reputed weight loss clinics such as LI Obesity Surgery are offering this safe and minimally invasive procedure due to its high success rate and low-risk factor.

This procedure, unlike most weight loss procedures, doesn’t make your stomach permanently altered and therefore it is preferred by patients and surgeons in certain situations. Now of course the final decision about the type of weight loss procedure to go with relies heavily on your health conditions and outcomes needed for the procedure; still, it pays to know what gastric banding is.

So, if you have been suggested to go with gastric banding surgery or you want to know more about this procedure then we suggest you keep reading.   

What is the method used to perform gastric banding in Long Island weight loss clinics?

Gastric banding is performed as a minimally invasive procedure that is regularly performed at long island weight loss clinics and it usually involves following some standardized procedures. Since gastric banding is a tested and proven weight loss surgery that has been around for a long time most surgeons follow similar steps when performing this surgery. So without further ado here is how you can expect a gastric banding procedure to go:

  • You will be given a general anesthetic to make you unconscious before the procedure so that you don’t feel any pain while it is happening.
  • Next, your surgeon will make small incisions that are mostly 5mm in length in your abdomen region and the number of incisions needed varies from case to case basis. However, the size of these incisions is always small.
  • Your long island bariatric surgeon will then insert a laparoscope containing a camera at its edge to view the direct feed for the inside of your stomach on the screen.
  • After that, your surgeon will start putting the silicone band around your stomach which usually goes around the upper part of the stomach and tightened as necessary.
  • Your surgeons will fit a device that can be operated externally to control the tightness of the band without going through the procedure multiple times.
  • Finally, your surgeon will use structures to close off the incisions and you will be under observation until you wake up and the effects of anesthetics wear off. 

How exactly does gastric banding aids weight loss?

Weight loss can be achieved by either limiting the calorie intake or speeding up the calories burning process. The way gastric banding works is that it limits the amount of food you eat by making your stomach smaller. Due to this effect, you will feel full after eating smaller amounts of food and this reduced calorie intake allows you to lose weight quickly.

Another way gastric banding works is by slowing down the movement of food inside your digestive system which creates a sensation of being full for longer periods. Recommended exercises and a healthy diet can further aid you in losing weight after the lap banding procedure and you can expect to lose between 7 to 10 pounds per month following your gastric banding.

How is gastric banding surgery reversed?

The process of gastric banding reversal involves the removal of the band from around your stomach along with the device that controls its tightness. The procedure is similar to the gastric band installation procedure and it is also minimally invasive. Once the band is removed and necessary adjustments are made the incisions are closed off again. 

Now that you know about lap band procedure you can look up weight loss clinics in long island NY to schedule an appointment.

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