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This is How You Get Rid of Garden Waste Quickly

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As the name refers, the garden waste contains useless materials that are produced in the garden. Usually, this material is organic in nature and that’s why it is also identified as green waste. There are a few ways to remove garden waste that involve different approaches. We all want to keep our garden clean and beautiful but what about the environment? As a homeowner, you must know which method is economical and friendlier to the environment.

Garden waste can be recycled or dumped, depending on the approach that you use to get rid of it. You can put it on the kerbside or call the local council to dispose of it. However, for some material, you may have to Google “Cheapest Skip Hire Near Me.”

Techniques to Dispose Of Garden Waste

Disposing of garden waste mostly depends on the materials and their size. You can get rid of it by picking one of these approaches.

Kerbside Collection

You can put the ordinary garden waste and small size materials in your kerbside collection. Materials like, tree cuttings, hedge, leaves and grass cuttings can be disposed of this way. You can also get rid of a wood material that is smaller in diameter i.e. less than 4 inches (10cm).

Call Local Council

Large size or inorganic garden waste is also considered as municipal waste. However, you have to call the local council office to get rid of it. Certain rules may change with respect to a council area but you can ask them to collect this material. It includes large branches, logs, paving slabs, bricks, and soil.

Garden Skip Bins

This is an effective and simple way to get rid of garden waste. Just call a provider and the company will deliver a bin on the date when you request it. You can dispose of larger amounts and can have different size options depending on your waste. There is a time window option for you to put your waste into the bin. Companies give you 4-5 days and after that, they will collect it.

Turn It into Mulch

Turing garden waste into mulch is another way to get rid of garden waste. All you need is a chipper and composting bags. Chop down shrubs, branches, and other organic material and pack it into bags for composting. However, this process requires time and serious efforts. You also have to check it often by keeping it moist and temperature maintained all the time.

There are certain demerits of composting your garden waste as well. The material may attract pests, rodents, and flies along with an awful smell. These problems make it somewhat of a problematic solution. But, let’s not forget that composting is beneficial for the environment.

Find the Nearest Tip

Another way to dispose of your garden waste is by dumping it in the nearest landfill. This is suitable if you can easily arrange transport and want to dump excessive waste. Collect all the logs, unnecessary soil or bricks and take it to the site. You don’t have to be dependent on skips or the local council. However, make sure that you dispose of correctly in the right area if you select this method.

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