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Three Reasons to Buy Duracable Plumbing Drain Snakes

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Duracable, founded in 1981 in West Des Moines, Iowa, prides itself on being the plumbing industry’s most reliable manufacturing center. With the industry’s only two-year warranty on drain cleaning machines and 30-day warranties on all cables, Duracable guarantees a great client experience.

Every drain cleaning professional needs a litenue of Plumbing Drain Snakes, also referred to as drain cables, in their arsenal. For big clogs in small pipes, Duracable offers the best variety in plumbing drain snakes on the market.

Here are three incredible reasons you should look to Duracable for your drain cable needs:

It is Made From the Best Quality Products

Duracable manufactures their drain cables from a proprietary, hard-drawn, high tensile strength wire. This means that Duracable’s drain cables can withstand an immense amount of strain, ready for the toughest clogs and blockages. Every wire is tested before, during, and after the manufacturing process and any wire that fails the testing procedures is removed from Duracable’s manufacturing line.

Plumbing drain snakes like the ¬ľ‚ÄĚ x 100‚Äô Hollow Core Cable is a favorite among drain cleaning professionals because it is strong, light, and flexible. Perfect for clearing out those tight to navigate residential lines. Duracable‚Äôs DuraFlex technology is paramount to the Hollow Core Cable‚Äôs design. The DuraFlex technology extends to every cable in Duracable‚Äôs retinue, providing drain cleaning professionals with the widest range of high-quality cables.

It is Made in Mind of You – the Professional

From hollow core to splice core, Duracable manufactures a wide variety of plumbing drain snakes for you – the drain cleaning professional. You never have to worry about a tight drain or a large clog with the multiple cable sizes and lengths available through this leading manufacturer. With the industries only 30-day warranty on cables, Duracable wants you to know how much quality means to them. Not only does Duracable provide extensive warranties, they also provide repair services for a minimal fee.

In addition, Duracable provides financing for all orders. Apply online with no obligations and order your shipment. Duracable offers a variety of payment plan options, which builds your credentials with the bank as well as grows your business immediately. Any financing is 100 percent deductible once tax season comes around.

It is Made Right Here in the United States

While buying American made products seems like a sentiment of the past, there are real economic benefits to be had for American products. Duracable is proud to create great, American made plumbing products for the drain cleaning professional. Duracable knows the American people work hard to provide for their families and keeping manufacturing jobs stateside is a great point of pride for Duracable. The Economic Policy Institute gathers that every new manufacturing job in America provides 1.4 extra jobs in other parts of the economy. So, supporting Duracable manufacturing means you support American businesses across the board and who can argue with that?

Duracable’s products are perfect for the drain cleaning professional. Leading the industry in plumbing drain snakes, Duracable provides a 30-day warranty for every cable they sell. Client satisfaction is a top-priority for Duracable. Order online and receive free shipping on orders over $4,000 USD. Duracable also provides financing to help grow your drain cleaning business with multiple options for monthly payments. Duracable thinks of the drain cleaning professional when manufacturing their products so think of Duracable when you are in need of plumbing products. Make the call to Duracable today at 515-512-9817 or email them at sales@duracable.com for more information on the highest quality plumbing products in America.

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