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7 Reliable Tips for a Fun Beach Vacation

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A lot of people are aiming to reduce or remove stress from their everyday routine. One of the best ways to de-stress is taking a vacation with your loved ones; either your family or significant others. Vacations include travelling and adventure such as going to the beaches.

Having your vacation to the beach is nice and fun. It is priceless and you can totally enjoy the trip if you plan it well and prepared with all your travel needs. This article suggests the preparations you need to take before taking the beach trip itself:

Choose the perfect beach for your ideal vacation

Start by deciding what type of experience you want from your stay. Do you enjoy lively crowds or would you rather read a book and to listen to the lapping ocean waves in relative quiet? Do you want to have a private space on a beach resort? Would you like to take your vacation on a luxury beach resort? Do you plan to spend most of your time on the sand or in the water? Do your research first to find a beach that has the type of environment you’ll enjoy most. Do you want to be able to bring a grill for a cookout? Stay out after sunset for a romantic moonlight walk or swim? Collect sea shells? Did you know that there is a resort in Syndey area called Toowoon bay beach resort that offers spa villas on the beach? You may want that kind of amenities. Find out in advance whether whatever you want to do is allowed.

Plan the clothes you will wear

For every trip you take, it is essential that you plan the right clothing for that type of travel. Since this is beach vacation, you should have at least a set of swimsuit or swimwear. Wear the appropriate clothes to avoid being out of place on your trip. For the beach trip, the common clothing pieces are one or two-piece swimsuits for women and trunks for men. If not on the water and just hanging out on the shore, women can wear maxi dresses or beach skirts/shorts and men can don shorts, polo, and shirts.

Bring zippered plastic bags in several sizes

Protect your book, towels, camera, and whatever else you carry in your beach tote by tucking in one or two large zippered food storage bags for your wet sandals or water shoes and for your wet swimsuit (if there’s a cabana or other changing area). Sealing your sunscreen lotion, lip balm, bug repellent, adhesive bandages, and more into small or medium zippered bags can keep the sand out of them and also prevent any leaks from ruining the rest of the stuff in your beach tote or bag. Rinse them out each evening and let them dry overnight so they are ready to reuse the next day.

Always put sunscreen

Nothing ruins a beach trip faster than sunburn on day one. Make sure you get to enjoy the sun every day of your vacation by coating yourself in a generous coating of high SPF sunblock. And reapply after lunch – especially if you have been swimming.

Bring some sports equipment

Initiating any type of sports activity is a great way to meet people and make new friends. If you will be driving, consider bringing a volleyball and net to start up a game of beach volleyball. Of course, if you will be staying at a resort that offers golf or tennis, you may want to bring your golf clubs and/or tennis racket with you. A football or Frisbee can be lots of fun, too.

Always carry a large waterproof handbag with you for your beach essentials

Do not forget to toss up these must-haves in your bag including all your zippered plastic bags.

Take pictures and videos to save memories

Bring a digital camera, video camera, drone, and one that shoots underwater. Plus you can use your smarthphone to capture moments right away. It is fun to look back on a wonderful and relaxed trip to the shore and relive those good times. If you are bringing more digital equipment, be sure to bring extra batteries, removable storage and a charger, as well as universal power adapter.

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