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Tips for Managing Dust and Odor in the Construction Site

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Whether building or demolishing a structure, dust and odor are two of the most important concerns in a construction site. They can lead to a variety of health problems, which is why companies should have a proactive approach in having it managed. Read the rest of this post and we’ll let you know some of the best dust and odor control techniques.

Use a Misting System

A misting system is one of the most innovative approaches when it comes to controlling dust and odor in the construction site. A good example of this is BossTek’s OdorBoss and DustBoss. It uses a powerful mist of water for suppressing dust and odor. They will generate water droplets to saturate the ground and treat the air to make the construction site a safer and healthier place.

Create a Waste Management Plan

More than using odor and dust control products, it is also important to come up with a detailed plan, specifically when it comes to the management of the waste in the construction site. The garbage accumulated, including construction debris, can cause an unwanted odor that can disrupt workers. A recycling program can also demonstrate social responsibility of the business.

Provide Personal Protective Equipment

Odor from the construction site often comes from the fumes and the gases in paints and equipment, among others. Dust, on the other hand, is produced when demolishing, among others. The right personal protective equipment will be a lot of help. Face mask, odor control mask, and air purifying respirator are just some of the equipment that can be used by construction workers.

Use Mulch and Vegetation

This is one of the best set and forget approaches when it comes to managing dust in the construction site. It is also effective when it comes to erosion control. This method is also known for being green, but take note that water is one of the main resources needed for this technique. The mulch will cover the loose soil in the construction site, which will prevent dust even when it is windy. Vegetation, on the other hand, will create a root system that will make the soil more compact.

Chemical Treatment

Using chemicals is another promising approach when it comes to masking odor and suppressing dusk in the construction industry. This is preferred by many people because it does not consume too much water. Instead, the surfactants and the binding agents will dilute in water and wet the dust particles so that they won’t become a problem.

Proper Cleanup

This is an approach that will be helpful more in odor control than in dust suppression. Keeping the workplace clean will prevent unwanted odor in the site. Plus, when the construction site is clean, workers can easily move around, and they will probably end up being more productive in their jobs.

With the things that have been mentioned above, it will be easy to minimize the health risks in the construction site, making it a better place to work!

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