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Tips To Boost Up Sales On Your Magento Store

by Soft2share.com

The number of visits and how many of them covert into sales decides the success of your ecommerce store. In order to retain the existing customer base and to generate a new line of customers, you need to take certain measures like enhancing your digital marketing efforts and improving upon the existing store with the help of accomplished Magento ecommerce developers. Here are a few tips to boost up the sale on your Magento store.

Enhance the site’s loading speed
Studies reveal that a slow landing site can put down the customers and disengage them. Google also does not give priority to slow landing pages in ranking. The popular search engines value stores that load in less than 3 seconds. Hence enhancing the loading speed of your Magento site is the sure way to rank high. Optimize the database, code, CSS files, JavaScript, and other site elements to make the site load faster.

Announce discount deals and new products
Introducing new products on the store catalogue and giving away discounts is an interesting way to pull in new customers and get more sales from the existing customers.

Make the checkout process easy
Customers like a simple checkout process. They hate to go through a lot of steps. In fact, a complicated checkout process can lead to a large number of cart abandonment. It can turn down enthusiastic customers who are highly enthusiastic and interested in buying your products. Amasty or Landocoder are known to simplify the checkout process.

Provide free shipping
Though you can keep it conditional, a free shipping is a must for today’s ecommerce sites. For instance, you can make shipping free on a given minimum value of purchase. Free shipping can enhance the sales by a huge margin.

Provide convenient payment options
Never limit the payment options to the customers. If they do not find the payment option convenient to them, they are most likely to move to another store. The payment option must be safe and secure, and must feature user-friendly payment alternatives. It is advisable to provide several payment options like credit cards, Paypal, and stipe gateways. If you are selling the products globally, consider adding the Magento extension that provides payment options that is in vogue in the countries where you wish to sell the products.

Do email marketing
Email marketing is a great avenue to tap new customers and generate newer markets for the business. You will need a team that designs appealing emails that will encourage the reader to come to your site. When they are on the site, your alluring ecommerce store can engage them and make the sale. Design attractive email and newsletter campaigns that will tempt the readers to visit your Magento store.

Make your store mobile friendly
More than 80% of the customers visit your store and make purchases on their mobiles. Hence a mobile responsive online store that can grab customers is the need of the hour. If your Magento store is not on the mobile platform, you are going to lose a great portion of your sale. Subject your site to the Google Mobile Friendly test to make sure that your store matches the standards expected of a good mobile responsive store.

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