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Tips to Study in Cambodia

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Study in Cambodia
Study in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country which is located in Southeast Asia and its neighboring countries include Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos. The cost of education in Cambodia is low as compared to other countries. There are several educational programs of different levels that have been offered by different educational institutes of this country.

Invictus International School in Cambodia is an educational institute that offers educational services. This is a private sector and it’s located in central Phnom Penh and is filled with modern facilities. There are a number of great, skilled, and qualified professors in this institute.

Seek Consultation

After deciding that you want to study in Cambodia, you must select an educational institute where you want to study. You must have to choose the school or university according to the subjects you want to study. Also, you can contact Invictus International School in Cambodia institute and can get detailed information regarding it through the website.

You can also discuss it with any of your friends, an expert, or an agency to get guidance regarding getting admission to Cambodia’s educational institutes. You should not only consider only one school or university but should apply to different schools/universities related to your major subjects.

Do Research

You should research the school/university you want to study in. Its educational services and programs must also be evaluated. You should also search about the rules and regulations of that educational institute. Researching the school/university will help you to avoid or prevent the problems that you could face there. You should not only do research about the school/university but also about Cambodia, its environment, rules, regulations, laws, culture, etc. Researching is helpful to know about the educational system of the chosen school/university.

Fulfill the Requirements

If a student wants to study in Cambodia, it is necessary to fulfill the requirements of this country and its institutes. The students must have to provide their personal information along with the original copy of their high school qualifications. If a student wants to study for a Master’s degree, it is necessary for him to provide his degree of Bachelor’s. You have to take a test of English proficiency to get any type of degree from Cambodia. You should also have to clear an entrance exam before getting admission.

Student Visas

In the past, there was not any concept of student visas as there were only business visas or tourist visas. If you want to study in Cambodia for less than a month, you can get a tourist visa. And if you want to go to Cambodia for formal education, you can get a student visa or retirement visa. 

The prices of both of these visas are the same as that of the business visa. You have to submit an official letter from the educational institute of Cambodia where you want to study in order to get a student visa. You must follow the rules, regulations, and laws otherwise you will be fined or will have to face deportation or incarceration.

Get a Job

If you want to manage your budget, you can do a job in Cambodia. It will help you to earn money and will also be helpful in managing the expenses. The students can find a part-time job so that they can study and earn money at the same time. These jobs may include waitress, bookshop, cashier, waiter, bakery, barista, etc.


Before going to Cambodia for study purposes, you must know about the country and its system. You should research different educational institutes and should select the one according to your major subjects. You can also consult an expert or an agency for this purpose. You can get a student visa for going to Cambodia. You can do a part-time job along with studying. 

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