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Today’s Social Media Environment: Local Problems Can Get Worldwide Recognition within Hours

by Soft2share.com

Social media allows individuals to directly stay in contact with one another by not only uploading messages but by sharing images, videos and favorite links. Social media works instantly, so as soon as the content is uploaded to a user’s account followers of the account see the information. Far gone are the days of choosing the right TV service in order to ensure that you will get your news and information delivered to you at a set time every day. Now, with social media, news and information is in your face 24/7 live as it happens!



While this is good for promoting information and staying in touch, there are other issues that may arise, as small problems in the social media account often lead to unwanted worldwide recognition. A slight goof is looked at under a microscope and it may bring unwanted, undesired attention to the user of the account. This is why, before anything is ever uploaded to a social media account, an individual user thinks about the content ahead of time. There is no erasing content from the Internet. Once it is up, it’s up.

There are many different forms of social media and these different accounts promote material in different ways. With an account like Twitter, a user uploads a small message under 140 characters (the same maximum length as a general text message) or an image.


Facebook provides more sharing opportunities for the user and someone can post essentially anything she desires. Google+ works in the same way as Facebook, only it alters the ways individuals upload content. Other social media sites such as Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn and others provide special niches for users, but all are designed to easily share information with other users of the social media networks.
Reposting on Social Media Sites

When you post something on your account, others are going to see it. Privacy settings can help, but assume that when you post, everyone can see it. From there, the other people who see the upload are able to repost the information and share it with their own followers, even if the other followers are not friends of yours.


The information can be construed to mean something other than you intended when you originally posted your content. Often times, celebrities and other popular individuals post something to a social media account, only to realize the negative impact and remove it. However, once it is posted a high percentage of other users are reposting the information, which stays circulating on the Internet. This way, even the smallest problem can receive worldwide recognition within a matter of hours.


The smaller your initial group of followers the slightly longer it is going to take to “blow up”, but if the problem is large enough, upsetting enough or just out of this world, it is going to spread like wildfire. As is the case of a fire in the woods, it always starts with a single point, like your comment, and quickly spreads to the area around it until it is burning out of control.

This is exactly why you need to be extra careful with your social media accounts and environment. The services are extremely helpful and can promote your product or service successfully, but you also need to make sure not to overuse the service and to always make sure the every post is well thought out, as it can go on to haunt you and spread negative recognition of your company throughout the Internet world.


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