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Top 10 Tech Jobs in New York City

by Soft2share.com

New York is a leadinghub of technology therefore if you find yourself looking for tech jobs in New York City, you are in luck. What sets the city apart from other tech sectors is its diversity. Here are the current top ten technology jobs in New York City:

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  1. Software Developer. Given the ever-changing landscape of technology it is no wonder there is a high demand for software developers. If you possess this expertise you likely enjoy customization and, lucky for you, New York Cityis home to individuals who expect nothing less.
  2. Web Developer. Designing and maintaining websites is unique in that it marries technical know-how with creativity, which is no doubt a diversified skillset. Hence, it should be of no surprise that New York is one of the greatest places to put this ability to use.
  3. Computer Programmer. The multi-faceted job of a computer programmer includes creating, modifying, and maintaining programs to increase a computer’s efficiency. Consider an executive search firm or technology recruiter to boost your chances of placement in this field. These companies operate in a boutique fashion, matching individual skillsets to the unique needs of employers.
  4. IT Consultant. As a consultant you can offer a fresh perspective on a company’s current systems and prerequisites, paving the technology path to boost efficiency. Perhaps most appealing is that you could do this while still being your own boss at the end of the day.
  5. Application Developer.Whether you are conducting business, are a gamer, or are searching to better manage your lifestyle, one thing is for sure: there’s an app for that. And between Android and IOS, the demand for application developers is growing exponentially. The city presents a diverse cross-section of individuals and start-ups, making this field of expertise particularly fun for a New York techie.
  6. Cloud Architect. As a cloud architect you’d be analyzing and building the structure for a company’s file system – in essence, the backbone of their operations. This job is as much technical as it is gratifying, the end result being an organized company running smoothly thanks to your skillset.
  7. Software Engineer. The vast array of niche fields residing in the city are especially alluring for software engineers. It could be helpful here to enlist a high tech recruiter to match your talents with a company that will suit you best.
  8. Systems Analyst. If you are proficient in configuring both hardware and software, a systems analyst position could be an excellent fit. The BLS predicts this field to grow 22.1 percent by 2020.
  9. Hardware Development Engineer.Today’s pace calls for efficiency, especially in the city. Hardware development engineers specialize in analyzing and improving the layout, design, and components of computers to make them as proficient as possible, ultimately saving companies precious time and finances.
  10. Green technology. Just as important as efficiency in New York City is a company’s environmental consciousness which is why green technology makes this list.Many companies are becoming more aware that green initiatives lower performance costs, improve use of resources and reduce negative ecological impact. The city’s demands for increased energy efficiency combined with constant technology innovations place green tech jobs in a particularly high demand.

Author Bio: Amish Shah has worked in the recruiting industry for more than 18 years. Mr. Shah’s expertise in the recruiting industry has been cited in NY Times, LA Times, Thestreet.com, and other popular news resources. He currently presides over Millennium Search, the premier executive search firm for emerging and high growth technology companies.


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