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Top 10 Tech Jobs in Silicon Valley

by Soft2share.com

Rapid growth and constant innovations make the pulse of the technology market a moving target, rendering it difficult at times to predict. However, there are certain patterns emerging when it comes to skills companies and high tech recruiters look for in technology. Here are the top 10 tech jobs in Silicon Valley:


  1. Software Developer. Working in software development involves a vast array of technical skills, so it’s no wonder this type of job is in high demand in Silicon Valley. Among the duties of a software developer are reviewing current systems, presenting ideas for improvement, writing program codes, and testing products, all of which lead to increased efficiency for businesses.
  2. Data Security Analyst. As a data security analyst you will conduct security audits, risk assessments and analysis, and generate solutions for enhancing security of systems. If there is one thing companies are seeking more and more, it is increased security.
  3. Green Technology. Silicon Valley’s location lends itself as a major contributor for all forms of green technology. With increasing amounts of construction jobs applying for LEED certification, it’s no wonder technicians in this field are in high demand.
  4. Application Developer. The market for applications is growing exponentially and shows no signs of slowing down. As an application developer your job will consist of coding, testing, de-bugging, and enhancing, and could even involve publication and maintenance. Many companies hire technology recruiters to perform a retained search in order to discover the most suitable talents, so connect with a recruiter to increase your chances of finding the best fit for your skillset.
  5. Web Designer. The need for talented designers is on the rise in Silicon Valley. The increase of smartphones and tablets underscores this need, providing even larger canvases to be filled. More companies and executive search firms are seeking the expertise of web designers, understanding the importance design plays in acquiring a desired online audience.
  6. Hardware Developer. Responsibilities of a hardware developer are the design, testing, and implementation of hardware, including circuit boards, computer chips, routers, printers, and computer systems. Also involved may be the supervision of other technicians during development.
  7. Computer Systems Analyst. If you are proficient in configuring both hardware and software, a systems analyst position could be an excellent fit. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts this field to grow 22.1 percent by 2020.
  8. Ag-Tech. While it may seem that farming is the furthest thing from a Silicon Valley boardroom, the two are actually closer than you would think. With agriculture being California’s largest industry, the opportunity for innovation in this field is abound. Tech companies based on agriculture (Ag-Tech) may specialize in anything from controlling and purifying wastewater to soil technologies addressing contaminants to tracking animals with RFID and tracing technologies.
  9. Database Administrator. Database administrators specialize in assessing the storage needs of a company and implementing solutions. This can include setting up new computer databases as well as integrating data from old systems to new systems.
  10. Computer Programmer. Due to the computer field’s continual growth and change, the job of a computer programmer will be anything but boring. The nature of programming allows you to continuously build on your skillset with advanced degrees and specialized knowledge. This leads to supervisor or analyst positions, which makes computer programming a career with room for growth.

Author Bio: Amish Shah has worked in the recruiting industry for more than 18 years. Mr. Shah’s expertise in the recruiting industry has been cited in NY Times, LA Times, Thestreet.com, and other popular news resources. He currently presides over Millennium Search, the premier executive search firm for emerging and high growth technology companies.



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