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Top 10 ways to keep your rugs look new and clean

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From traditional Persian rugs to sleek, modern designs, a rug is an essential part of the decor in any home. Adding style and cosiness to any room, choosing a high-quality designer rug that will last for years is a good investment for your home. 

But even high-quality rugs are subject to everyday wear and tear and getting dirty. 

If your rug is looking lacklustre, it may be due to the build-up of dust, dirt and stains sitting on the surface for a long time. The overall condition and appearance of area rugs can depend on the level of maintenance given to them. Ensure your designer rugs stand the test of time by giving them regular care and maintenance. 

Vacuum regularly

Regular vacuuming is one of the most important things you can do to keep your rug looking good and prolong its life.

Dust and dirt that is not cleaned from your rug will get pushed further into its fibres, making it harder to clean. 

Depending on where the rug is in your home, and how much foot traffic it deals with, you may want to vacuum your rug at least once a week. For rugs in high-traffic areas or a home with pets, you may need to vacuum a few times a week. 

Not removing dust and debris could result in lasting damage to your rug, but keep in mind that you don’t want to vacuum too much as the constant back and forth can wear out your rug, you may also need to use a specific vacuum setting depending on the rug material. 

Shake it out

While it may seem old-fashioned to take your rug outside and beat it with a stick, it’s a good thing to do once in a while to get the dust out of it. 

Shaking or hanging your rug and patting it down can help dislodge the loose dust and debris on the surface and stuck in the fibres of your rug, preventing them from moving deeper. 

This is also a good opportunity to air out your rug and help disperse odours. 

Take your shoes off

To minimise the dirt and debris carried across your rug, it may be a good idea to implement a ‘no shoes’ rule. 

People can bring in dirt and debris from outside on their shoes and this gets pushed into the rug. 

Shoes also cause more wear and tear to your rug due to the hard surfaces of the outer soles. This can wear down your rugs faster and result in them looking lacklustre. Wearing slippers or socks is much gentler on your rug and can help reduce damage and improve the longevity of your area rugs. 

Use a rug or carpet cleaning shampoo

Using specific rug cleaning shampoos can help remove stains and marks from your rug. Just remember to always check the care instructions to ensure it’s safe to use cleaning products on your rug so you don’t end up damaging it. 

After cleaning a rug with shampoo or liquid products, make sure it’s completely dry before putting it back on the floor to prevent the possibility of mould or mildew. 

Baking soda can also be used as a cheap and effective way to give your rug a refresh. Sprinkle it onto the rug and leave it on for up to an hour before vacuuming off. This can help remove odours, leaving your rug smelling fresh and clean. 

Clean spills straight away

Spills happen, but the important thing is to clean them straight away. The longer a stain or spilt liquid is left on a rug the harder it will be to remove. 

Soak up spills with a paper towel, making sure to blot the stain never rub, otherwise you may spread the stain and push it deeper into the rug fibres. 

Baking soda can also be used in the case of spills, as it absorbs liquids. Sprinkle it on the stain and leave it overnight, then vacuum off the next day. 

Carefully consider your rug choice

One way to keep your rug looking good as new is to carefully choose the right one for the right space. Before looking at rugs for sale in Melbourne, consider how your rug will be used, and whether it will be subjected to a high amount of foot traffic, pets or young children. 

Consider the durability of rug materials, as some hold up better than others and will require less maintenance to look good. Choose low pile rigs if you have pets, so that your rug captures less hair and dirt. 

If the rug is for a high-traffic area you might want to choose one with darker tones so that dirt and stains don’t show up as easily and it will look better for longer. A lighter coloured rug will always require more effort to keep it looking clean and new compared to a darker coloured rug. 

Yearly professional clean

For a really deep, thorough cleaning, sometimes you need some professional help. Even durable, high-quality rugs should be professionally cleaned at least once a year to help them maintain their appearance. 

Getting your rug regularly cleaned by a professional can also help the longevity of your rug so that it will look beautiful in your home for many years to come. 

Buy a rug pad

A rug pad is an essential purchase for any rug in your home. It serves numerous purposes, from holding your rug in place to adding extra cushioning underfoot. 

Another benefit of a rug pad is that it can also help protect the underside of a rug, reducing slippage and helping reduce wear and tear by prolonging the life of the rug fibres.

Rotate your rug

Rotating your rug a few times a year can help prevent uneven fading and wear caused by foot traffic, furniture and sun damage. 

By regularly rotating your rug, wear and tear gets distributed more evenly, which will prevent any damage from looking as obvious. 

Specific rug care

There is such a wide variety of rugs for sale in Melbourne, that when it comes to caring for them, you need to pay attention to the specific care requirement of your rug. 

Depending on the material your rug is made from, the care required to keep it clean and looking as good as new can differ. For example, a wool Persian rug will require a different level of care and maintenance than a jute rug or a silk rug. 

Lookup any specific care you need to do for the type of rug you have. And if you do take your rug to be professionally cleaned, check if they have experience caring for rugs like yours. 

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