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Top 10 Websites to Learn Website Designing

by Soft2share.com

With the growing trend of social branding and prospective market promotion, people are constantly looking to enhance their skills at developing and designing successful websites. There are a number of authoritative and trusted online resources to provide high quality web design training on every important detail including CSS, HTML, JavaScript and many more related topics. Are you looking forward to becoming a seasoned web development professional to try your hand at some leading web design company? Learn web designing for free from any of the best tutorial sites on web technologies.


Here are the top 10 websites to help you with formal web teaching for free.


  1. W3schools.com


It is one of the best tutorial sites and it provides excellent guidance to almost all the development technologies for free. In fact, W3Schools.com not only offers free teaching on HTML programming, but provides ultimate resources of webmasters including CSS, ASP, HTML, XHTML, XSL, SQL, PHP, SOAP and more. Apart from the normal tutorials and references, this platform also tests your ability of web coding using a live editor. Additionally, an online certification program is also offered for you to be certified in the widely website topics.


  1. Codecademy.com


With Codecademy, learning is fun. Learners never feel that they are learning some complex or technical stuff here. Presently, the site offers hundreds of useful lessons on basic JavaScript. Learning to code has never been so easily accessible online. Its user profiles are also very fascinating with badges and points to award the users after each exercise is completed. Thus, your profile looks much more impressive and professional. Interaction with a vast community of programmers helps you become a better coder with more improved skills. Lessons are available on essential computer languages including HTML, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript etc. at free of cost.


  1. Udemy


This is another popular site that offers quality training for website development and other related technologies. The courses are accessible at different prices. However, they also contain some free videos by which an idea of the professionalism as well as quality in their teaching material can be obtained. Udemy is optimized for mobile or ipad, thus serving as a portable teaching resource to many students worldwide. Web designing courses at Udemy are highly considered by host of top notch programmers and have been featured in various popular technology blogs.


  1. CodeSchool


At CodeSchool.com you will get to “learn by doing”, as their slogan says. It is yet another online teaching site containing many useful coding drills, video lessons and screen-casts related to several renowned computer technologies. The teaching program includes HTML/CSS, Ruby and more importantly iphone or IOS Programming Language (Objective C and Xcode).


  1. KillerPHP


KillerPHP.com, as suggested by the name itself, basically contains lessons on the PHP programming language. The tutorials are truly designed with killer precision. A newbie can get lessons right from the basics to advanced programming technologies through this website.


  1. Dev.Opera.com


This website caters articles for JavaScript, HTML5, SVG, CSS3 and other web programming techniques. Additionally, it also provides tutorials on add-ons, mobile, and TV. The users can also share their knowledge with the entire community through submitting their own articles.


  1. Treehouse


Treehouse is one of the leading websites that has made learning a completely different experience for all the learners. This popular site too contains fantastic online video and mobile development tutorials. You can become an android programmer, iphone application expert or a PHP developer by pursuing the brilliant courses offered by TeamTreeHouse.


  1. Lynda.com


Like Treehouse, Lynda.com too offers wide ranging video-based tutorials to teach you various means of designing websites besides exclusive free lessons on other web design related topics for a reasonable monthly fee. Lynda.com is one of the most reputed websites and it has been around since the dawn of the internet. It also produces attractive videos, books, and documentaries.


  1. P2Pu


P2Pu is another authoritative source of website design training and this site is powered by Mozilla. It offers free courses on internet technologies. The unique thing about this site is that the tutorials are available in Spanish too. Subjects covered at P2PU include advanced Coffeescript, basic HTML, PHP and so on.


  1. CodeHS


CodeHS is founded by the students of Stanford University. It aims at providing knowledge related to the field of computer science and technology. This site offers a variety of courses at affordable price range.


These top 10 online web design training resources will certainly make things easier for all the learners. All these sites are accomplished with good feature instruction, reputation as well as advice from leading we design experts and programmers of a renowned web design company. These sites mostly include a wide range of lessons involving a range of levels from beginner to advanced.



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This guest post is penned by Aditi Datta. She is a Professional blogging enthusiast and a leading web designer. She has also developed a lot of android apps and also shares her researched tips through her blogging. She also works for a Leading Web Design Company in India.



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