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Top 3 Best Android Launchers for Android

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With Nova Launcher, you can have the most trendy and polished personalized launcher for your android.

Nova Launcher Prime

You can unlock several features and enjoy all of them with this modern-day app, made to revolutionize your operating system’s experience. Here are some of the features; different gestures like swiping and double-tapping to open your most-used apps and much more.

Follow this: Top 10+ Best Android Launchers of 2019 If you have a busy and monogamous routine and you often miss out on important messages, then the Unread Counts feature of this app is perfect for you.

It will make sure you never miss out on anything and have Unread Count badges for different messaging and email apps and much more with the help of TeslaUnread Plugin added.

If you like your apps and phone more organized, then this launcher has an option of Custom Drawer Groups for you, which will help you create and arrange your data in different tabs and folders in the app drawer.

There is also a Hide Apps option to help you hide the apps you seldom use, to provide more space. Icon Swipes feature helps you set different custom actions for swiping or pinching on different apps.

The most important feature is the increased number of Scroll Effects like Wipe, Throw and Accordion. So change your layouts, icons, themes and much more with Nova Launcher Prime.

With all the improved optimizations and bug fixes, this app will hardly crash and experience no lag. Because of all the app’s setting set and tweaked to perfection, it functions smoothly.

There’s a need to make the app more secure for everyday use like to be able to lock the screen or the status bar.

This launcher is the most suitable for android, as it perfectly balances between performance and customizability, without getting too geeky or hard to use.

So people can have access to and enjoy all the features, you won’t even find in the stock launcher. Replace and reinvent your entire layout and home screen with the help of Nova Launcher Prime and take your animations and layouts up a notch.

What We Like

  • Lightweight, user-friendly and highly customizable.
  • Improved gestures and more scroll effects.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not secure enough
  • The layout needs to be improved

Samsung Launcher

The new version of Samsung Launcher is now available for download and install and ready to use for android devices. It’s quite an impressive app for you to have a great experience with us on your phones. This launcher will make your android device more attractive and enhance all the customizations.

As it’s common knowledge that launcher apps for users to give your phone a specific and distinct look that reflects your personality. By downloading this customizing software to your device and installing it, you can give your device its personality and express your interests and taste through it as well. If you are tired with your android phone’s interface and want to experiment with new styles then Samsung Launcher is the app for you.

It has a wide range of features to make your personalizations as impressive as possible. You can customize your icons with the help of this launcher and add more styles and designs to them. You can create your theme with your unique and delicately chosen wallpaper to complement your entire layout and have a matching background.

Samsung Launcher offers several theme packs and icon packs, animations, and unique transitions, gesture support, custom icon labelling. It also offers different widget style drawer and editor styles. Infinite scroll drawer, search bar, and wallpaper scroller helps with the customizations and makes them more effective and trendy.

You can transform your android devices with the help of Samsung Launcher app and turn them into something different and artsy.

This app has a small weight and takes up less space and effectively utilizes your phone’s memory and does not require a huge list of resources to function and runs smoothly.

Samsung Launcher has a collection of thousands of icon packages that you can choose from at any given time and set your entire layout based on it.

What We Like

  • You can add different widgets and change their size, and location.
  • Have an attractive and personalized home screen to give your layout a personal touch.

What We Don’t Like

  • Very hard to use.
  • Font size issues and too many adds and popups.

Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher is a type of launcher that helps you customize and decorate your android device with over 50,000 themes and layouts created by different professionals and users.

With Buzz Launcher app, you can give your android phone a variety of different looks, because when you first download and run it, it gives you different home packs.

Only a few customizing and launching apps have the unique and sheer scope as Buzz Launcher. It has much more power and features than a single launcher app because of the range of its’ home packs.

What We Like

  • Fast and economy friendly.
  • Completely safe and secure to use.

What We Don’t Like

  • Widgets are not included
  • Icon packs not compatible.

It is not very much difficult to use Android Launchers on any device. That is why here you will get better Android Launchers for customizing.

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