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Top 5 monitoring solutions for Windows 7

by Soft2share.com

While spying is portrayed at something really cool and interesting in films, many of you would agree that in reality, it is pretty creepy. This is precisely why monitoring software is generally perceived as a threat by the masses. However, if you talk to a concerned parent who wants to instill a responsible online behavior in their kids, or a vigilant employer is are not willing to risk the leakage of sensitive and confidential information by an employee, they will be singing a completely different tune. The need and requirement of such people is what serves as an encouragement and motivation for developers to work on monitoring software. For machines running Windows 7, there is a long list of monitoring software, though only a few of them truly stand out because of their high-quality performance and results.


SpyAgent 7.5

Offering a wide range of monitoring controls and features, SpyAgent 7.5 comes off as an obvious choice when it comes to selecting a powerful keylogger for Windows 7. It not only creates a comprehensive log and report of nearly every keystroke typed and mouse click on the target computer, but also tracks a variety of other computer and online activities. That is not all. The software can also be used to block access to questionable content and influences. The only thing that SpyAgent 7.5 seems to be lacking is the ability to block content by category, though that hardly overshadows its massive utility.

PC Pandora 7

PC Pandora 7 can help to keep the home and office free from questionable computer activities and Internet websites. Being constituted of a wide array of monitoring, reporting and blocking tools, which includes application blocking; this software is just the thing that people concerned about technology-abuse need. The software can run in both visible as well as stealth mode. Even though PC Pandora 7 has the keylogging feature, the absence of real-time morning, keyword logging, blocking and alerts is strongly felt. Fortunately, it does not deal a significant blow to the overall appeal of the software.

Spector Pro 7

When it comes to computer and Internet surveillance, there are very few software that measure up to the capabilities of Spector Pro 7. With an ability to record keystrokes, take screenshots, monitor launched application and record transcripts of chats and emails, it is arguably among the most reliable monitoring software available in the market. If there is one thing that is lacks, it is its limited blocking capabilities and inability to send reports via email. However, that can hardly be considered a deal-breaker, since its makes up for its weak blocking functionality through thorough monitoring capabilities.

Mobistealth Keylogger

Even though Mobistealth appears to be treating cellular space as its primary market, the software development company has proved that it is equally capable of catering to the surveillance needs of Windows users. Even though Mobistealth Keylogger is chiefly keylogging software, its functionality is not limited to recording keystrokes. It can covertly take screenshots, record emails, chats, websites and voices in surroundings of computer. The software comes as a part of a comprehensive monitoring suite to monitor report and block computer and online activity.


WebWatcher is among the top monitoring and blocking software available in the market. Boasting a mix of thorough recording, reporting, blocking and filtering features, it is indeed monitoring software that leaves very little to be desired, except maybe a more convenient way to contact the support team. A user needs to use an online contact form to get in touch with WebWatcher instead of sending a direct mail.

It is important to keep in mind that while the use of monitoring software is not illegal, there are certain provisions that must be met for its use to be acceptable. These include reasonable business or parenting concerns, mutual understanding and consent. Technology is there to make the world a better, safer and more exciting place to live in, not to make people feel insecure, paranoid and anxious. Unfortunately, that is precisely what a monitoring software does when used irresponsibly.

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