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Top 7 Prince & Princess Custom Birthday Dresses| Ada Aziza

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When it comes to celebrating your child’s birthday, one thing is important and that is – you need to get him/her a new dress. In this case, you should go for custom birthday dresses because of the benefits attached to them. In case you don’t know, custom dresses for boys and girls are very comfortable on the body. Apart from that, these dresses also fit perfectly and are pretty safe to wear.

Today, Ada Aziza is currently one of the leading sellers of custom birthday dresses of different styles and designs. In the rest of this blog, you’ll discover the top 6 best Aziza dresses for boys and girls.

Factors to consider when choosing the best custom princess dresses & prince suits

Before going ahead to list our top 10 Aziza dresses, let’s start by discussing the factors that influence the choice of the right custom dresses:

  1. Elegant & timeless dresses

When shopping for suitable birthday dresses for your child, you should focus on picking only elegant and timeless pieces. If you want pieces that’ll remain as a staple irrespective of the occasion, then we’ll advise that you go for silk dresses.

2. Comfort

If you want the best for your kids, then you need to keep their comfort in mind. When picking the best custom birthday dresses, go for pieces that allow your kid to slip in and out with ease. In this case, you can consider going for dresses with a zipper closure. Dresses made of the innermost lining – cotton material are also advised for your kid’s overall comfort.

3. Avoid oversize dresses

Keeping your kid’s comfort in mind doesn’t mean you should go for oversized dresses. While comfort is important, you should also keep in mind that “how the dress fits” your boy or girl also matters a lot.

Top 7 princess custom birthday dresses & prince suits

  1. Cinderella

Cinderella is currently one of the top princess birthday dresses in the Aziza dress collection. This lightweight dress is made of silk satin fabric, durable silk tulle, lace, and silk satin fabric. Cinderella also features an innermost lining, which is made of cotton, to keep your kid comfortable.

2. Princess Jasmine Dress Custom Blue

Apart from your daughter’s birthday party, Princess Jasmine Dress is perfect for royal events and other extravagant occasions. This custom dress is made of different materials, including satin, cotton, tulle, and luxurious lace. Your daughter will certainly love this dress since it’s inspired by her favorite Disney Princess.

3. Silver birthday dress

With extremely soft glittery tulle and innermost lined cotton material, there’s no denying that this Alana Silver Birthday dress is a perfect choice for your daughter. Even if your kid has sensitive skin, cotton is a great fabric that’ll protect your baby’s skin (from top to bottom) from germs and akin rashes.

4. Red Prince Suit

Is your boy’s favorite dress color red? If yes, we’ll suggest that you consider buying this Red Prince Suit for his next birthday party. This custom prince suit is a set that comes with satin-made pants and a 100 percent undershirt.

5. Lex suit

The Lex prince suit, which comes with 100% cotton and cotton blended pants, is a kid-friendly suit. Apart from birthday parties, this dress idea is also suitable for different formal occasions, such as wedding parties and dinners.

6. Snow white dress 

Snow white dresses are perfect to beautify and bring out your baby’s inner personality. In addition, these dresses are perfect for brightening your kid’s physical appearance.

On Ada Aziza, this beautiful Snow White Melissa Dress will certainly make a good pick for your baby. This Aziza dress comes with soft glittery tulle and cotton fabric. As such, it’s perfect for all skin types, including sensitive ones.

7. Mini bride dresses

Mini bride dresses are perfect for your baby during the summer months. Not only are these dresses comfortable during warm weather. In addition, they are also very flattering for different body types. Alana Dress (Mint & Lavender), which is made with tulle and cotton fabric, and Azalea Dress are two of the best mini bride dresses you can shop for on Ada Aziza. Both picks are suitable for children with sensitive skin.

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