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Top 5 selling property management software in market

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Property management software is used by real estate and real estate management firms to perform functions and tasks related to their real estate. These tasks include maintaining the property, attracting new tenants, collecting rents, advertising their property, and more. Traditionally, property management software (PMS) has been deployed in company offices, but cloud-based solutions have become popular lately. PMS can be used to manage residential, commercial, student housing, homeowners association (HOA), hospitality, and another real estate. Niche-specific solutions have industry-specific features such as check-in / check-out functionality in hotel management software.

Top 5 most popular property management software:

If you want to manage one or more properties, digitizing your administrative processes can save you time and money. When properly implemented, computer and online property management software can help owners and managers streamline the business processes associated with their property. Online property management software offers a better platform for real estate businesses when compared to desktop applications. They offer more versatility and affordability compared to desktop installations. Check out the best here.

RMS Cloud

 As the name suggests, it is an easy-to-use property management software that is completely cloud-based, accessible from any Android, iOS or Windows device, has real-time online booking capability, can provide business intelligence reports. Contactless guest access and multiple properties can be controlled from one device.

Front Desk Anywhere

 Developed in 2009, Front Desk Anywhere is a Silicon Valley based product. This is an availability calendar that is fully customizable. User data in the application is fully encrypted and thus protected from hacking or fraud limited by user privileges. The user interface is easy to use and can be used by all types of users.

MSI Cloud PM:

Used in various developing countries since 1990. MSI Cloud PM has backup options for automatic and optional in-place. MSI trains instructors to learn this web-based software. Users have reported issues with cloud connectivity while using it. But the company offered adequate solutions to users.

OPERA Property Management System (PMS) from Oracle:

OPERA Property from Oracle Hospitality is a scalable end-to-end hospitality solution that comes in three flavors (Premium, Late, and Standard) and can be used in both cloud and established formats. OPERA PMS can be used for any property, be it a boutique or a hotel, and every establishment owner can use this popular hospitality solution.

Beds in the Cloud:

Beds in the Cloud are property management software that includes room assignment, booking management, housekeeping, and accounting tools. This software is used by various travel companies such as Expedia, Travel Advisor and others. With this tool, you can automate all operations in the hospitality industry.

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