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Top 5 Sources To Collect The Free Historical Stock Market Data

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Historical stock market data is very important for any charting software that is can be used for technical analysis. Technical traders use different types of software packages to produce historical charts. There are some of the sources by which one can get free historical stock market data. These historical charts are the most critical factor for analysis of any long-term situation. It is always wise to use different time frames, as these mid-term and long charts allow one to analyze the major technical situation in a better way.

Some of the facts about free historical stock market data

The historical data can provide the data up to 10 years of daily stock prices and volumes for each type of stock. Historical price trends can also indicate the future direction of a particular stock. Some of the sources from where one can get the historical data has got below features:

  • They are very well documented and are easy to use. There is a huge data which one can get it for free. One can also expand this into options, commodities, futures, and indexes.
  • With some simple queries, one can get all these data in spreadsheets.
  • Several resources are available online to find historical stock data. Some online brokerage sites can have both historical and real-time quote data for customers. Other financial websites will also provide some quoted information for both indices and stocks.

A stock market quote is a chart that provides every information that a person needs to know about a stock’s price before buying a share. Stock quotes are generally updated constantly as per the market movements and the selling and buying traders shift the value of the stock.On some websites, one does need to learn any coding to get the desired data. Advanced filtering features available in some of the websites to get some technical, fundamental, Intraday data, which can be helpful in a particular trading style. They too provide the fundamental data, financial news, historical macroeconomic data, indicators, ESG data, etc.


After one can get some historical stock data, it will help one to make a faster move as a trader. One of the best ways to get the data one need for free is to combine various information sources to get what exactly one wants. The stock market is one of the most important components of any economy. It allows companies to earn a lot of money by offering stock shares and corporate bonds. It lets the common investors participate in the financial achievements of the companies, also make profits through capital gain and earn money through dividends, although sometimes losses are also possible.The stock market also works as a medium through which investments and savings of individuals are channelized into productive investment proposals. For beginners to enter into the stock market, these historical data can be a great help.

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