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Top 5 Ways To Do best in the Listening Test of the IELTS Exam

by Soft2share.com

IELTS short form for the International English Language Testing System is a standardized test that is taken by the candidates who are looking to go abroad for higher studies or employment in major English speaking nations. IELTS test is conducted to judge the English language skills of a candidate, i.e. reading, writing, speaking and listening. To help candidates excel all these skills and help them with preparation IELTS Singapore is offering affordable prep-classes for IELTS. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the top ways that ultimately assists you in doing good in the listening test.  

1. Know the structure of the test

If you are thinking that listening tests are different then you are wrong. They all are the same and have the same format. The listening test is thirty minutes long and for your information, the academic and general tests are the same. To do better in the listening test of IELTS exam Singapore you should properly know the structure of the test. This enables you to expect what’s coming your way on the test day.

2. Focus on the recording (You can listen only once)

The listening test resembles real-life experience, that’s why you need to focus on the recording. You will not be allowed to hear the recording twice. Here’re the ways to do well in the listening test.

  • During IELTS preparation, try to practice the listening test by listening to the recording once.
  • Identify your weaknesses and try to improve them before sitting on the test.
  • Practice with different types of recording (conversations, chats and much more)

3. Check your answers twice

You know little mistakes can leave a big scar sometimes, so it would be a wise decision to keep a close look at your answers. Try to cross-check your answers in IELTS test Singapore them at least twice, if you have time checking thrice won’t harm. Your awareness of checking your answers can save you from careless mistakes. So, make sure you are having ample time for checking your answers. 

4. Know synonyms properly

Synonyms play a vital role in the IELTS exam and in the listening test too. Your knowledge of synonyms is tested in the speaking and writing test too. In the reading and the listening exam of the IELTS test use of synonyms is seen in most of the questions. Thus, you need to work on synonyms before you sit on the listening test or in the other test of IELTS.

5. Make habits of listening in daily life

English is not a test but a language that needs lots of practice to bring natural fluency in writing and speaking. Having a deep knowledge of the languages helps you to excel in the reading and listening part as well. So. it would be great to use the English language in real life as well. Take chances to chat, text, call or email using the English language daily.

Final words Listening part of the IELTS exam is as important as the other parts, it becomes very important to focus on different things while preparing for it. If you are among those who are facing trouble preparing for the listening part, you can always join IELTS preparation classes offered by some pioneer institutions like IELTS Singapore and much more.

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