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Top 7 Bulk SMS Gateway Service Providers in India

by Soft2share.com

An SMS Gateway is a modern tool that allows sending SMS without using mobile phones. They translate the message sent and make it compatible for delivery over the network to get the targeted customers. It is a simple, secure and reliable means of communication to contact the customers. With API’s non-promotional messages like e-tickets, delivery updates, payment links can be delivered. It is a great way to give customers a quick idea of who you are and what are the services provided by your business. Bulk SMS gateway is used by many businesses in today’s time to interact with the targeted audience. It is one of the best marketing tools that is being used by every industry to grow and expand in the competitive market.

Sending messages is considered the best way to stay in touch with customers as 98% of SMS’s are opened and read, whereas phone calls usually go unanswered and emails are unread for many days. There are various bulk SMS service providers in India. Some of the most trusted one’s are:


They help their users to do automated and manual interactions with their customers. mTalkz enables to send real-time alerts and notifications while offering a support service that is available 24*7 hours. They offer irresistible value through economic pricing and comprehensive support. The best part is taking they take it as their responsibility to increase the awareness about the company and its products or services with proper implementation of bulk SMS services.


They help to send service and support messages, enable purchases and enhance business activities. Haptik is known to solve queries nine times faster and at a lower operational cost. They are trusted by the world’s leading brands like OYO, KFC, Jio, Tata, HDFC etc.


They are the most trusted communication platform and are the popular global instant messaging app with 1.6 billion monthly active users. It enables customers to initiate a conversation with the businesses anytime, anywhere. They are known to provide the services in 40 languages so that businesses can interact with their audiences in their native language. They have 1600+ operator connections in 190+ countries.

Text Local

They are known to increase sales and customer satisfaction with more innovative SMS campaigns, instant OTP, notifications etc. Over 225,000 businesses trust them, and their services are taken by companies like Bisleri, Bookmyshow, Axis bank etc. They provide real-time access to their customers and delivery reports as well.


They can easily interpret complex messages and help the users to automate communication with their customers. They provide live support to the customers instantly. It is highly secure and can be easily integrated with the highest uptime of 99.995% on the platform. Karix has the well-established technical expertise and infrastructure to instantly satisfy customer demand and solve their queries quickly and have connectivity with nine telecom operators in India.


It is known for its performance-driven messaging services and transparent pricing. They provide 100% delivery on active numbers in 5-10 seconds on promotional and transactional use. It is easy to deliver messages instantly with just one click on the button.


They are a relatively older and established company that provides messaging API,  Whatsapp, RCS solutions, and chatbox. Their messaging API enables the business to send OTP’s, short links and track performance. They offer their services mainly via API.

There are various bulk SMS service providers available in India. Still, the businesses should choose the one that is most trusted and provide lots of benefit along with instant delivery of the messages.

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