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Top e-commerce Mobile app development trends that will rule 2021

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The e-commerce industry has been around the corner for some time. But last year, the online retailing industry saw unprecedented growth due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, when the pandemic hit every corner of the globe, a significant part of the world was inclined towards online shopping to cater to their daily needs. The power at the consumers’ helm to order within clicks and receive home deliveries without any exposure to the virus opened doors of opportunities for a revival in the e-commerce industry.

As per Statista, the entire online shopping business for 2020 rose dramatically and through the roof to $2.91 trillion. With a new wave of rising interests worldwide, this number is expected to grow to a whopping $3.56 trillion by 2022. While other sectors hardly managed to survive, online retailers were working 24×7 to cope with this new rise of demand in online shopping.

The Need Of Mobile App Development For E-commerce Businesses

For several years now, mobile apps have been transforming every industry. They have provided great pathways to supply both conventional and non-conventional goods and services. Ease of time-saving, seamless price comparison among products, zero crowd, and large varieties have played a vital role in helping the buyers move online.

Simply put, e-commerce mobile apps have provided all the basic tools for consumers to ensure a legit delivery system for their items. To ensure long-term success, physical stores are either signing up with an existing online network or choosing e-commerce mobile app development companies to develop their mobile application.

With that said, experts at TechAhead, one of the best mobile app development companies, believe the e-commerce mobile app development trends discussed below are going to rule 2021.

Top eCommerce mobile app development trends to look for in 2021

1. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are the two most advanced technologies introduced in the e-commerce business. These revolutionary technologies allow the e-commerce app development companies to gather information about several products and display them in a more simplified and easy-to-understand user experience.

For example, with AR and VR, an apparel brand can facilitate their customers by showing virtual photographic projections on their mobile app interface. A group of such images can help customers to predict which clothing style suits them perfectly without actually wearing any of it. 

2. Cloud Hosting Services

One of the most important trends to emerge in the e-commerce business is cloud storage services. Cloud services have made it possible for e-commerce companies to deliver a trimmed and much cleaner way to host their data and apps in the cloud.

With proper integrations enabled, cloud hosting services allow the e-commerce apps to track human patterns such as change of needs, behavior, and inquiries of the market and easy targeting of products. Also, cloud-based frameworks are disaster-prone and provide secure data redundancy that ensures maximum security of information.

3. Rise of Voice-based Searching

Voice assistants, including the popular Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa, have risen as a steppingstone between companies and their customers. Voice searches permit the user to shop for desired products with easy to vocalize description on the internet. This enables them to navigate via several matches and choosing the best of them.

According to TechCrunch, as much as 50% of the web searches currently are done through voice. Furthermore, around eight billion devices are proposed to include in-built voice assistants by the year 2023. Till now, several e-commerce websites have already taken voice searches in their apps, and we are assured that this trend will strengthen more in 2021.

4. IoT

The fourth on our list is the Internet of Things (IoT). Today, IoT has clubbed up billions of peripheral internet devices and has become a necessity for various industries and applications, including the e-commerce industry.

Unlike Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is cost-heavy, IoT provides cost-efficient solutions based upon user data and aspects of their actions. Based on certain behavioral data, e-commerce mobile app development companies can help companies develop and exercise crucial and efficient digital marketing strategies.

5. Payment Options 

In the last decade, several emerging players have founded key e-commerce services in the industry. One such trend is the usage of cashless transaction methods and e-wallets. Apps such as Google Pay and Samsung Pay have come forward to control and cater to the gigantic numbers of online transactions on e-commerce platforms.

These new payment modes are easier to embed in an e-commerce mobile app and ensure a safe gateway for payment transactions for the consumers. With numerous methods for paying up, customers feel satisfied and are relieved from all traditional modes of payment.

6. Chatbots

With the immense popularity of AI in smartphones, major e-commerce companies are choosing chatbots customer services. These chatbots are AI-powered and help the company manage and provide a seamless and natural communication path.

By adopting chatbots in e-commerce mobile apps, retailers can understand buyers’ queries comfortably and help them navigate as per their choice. Subsequently, these voice-over applications are ideal for maximum customer satisfaction, and we are assured that chatbot services are here to rule as one of the emerging mobile app trends in 2021.

7. Top-Notch Customer Experience

Enhancing customer experience is essential to maintain the company image in the long run. It is the key factor that could distinguish between the best and the worst. Because of positive customer experience, e-commerce platforms can create a positive image in their customer’s minds.

Newsletters, product recommendations, and personalized emails are some of the major areas where e-commerce platforms should emphasize. With a streamlined user experience, not only does the buyer takes the platform as being “Legit” but also recommends it in the near future.

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