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Top Educational Programs for Your Toddler

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Most children love to watch television but it’s important that you make sure the programs are educational. Your toddler’s mind is constantly developing as she takes everything in and tries to process it. The best programs for her are those that are socially interactive and/or physically active. Make sure you choose the right TV service which offers great options for your child and check out the following top educational programs for your toddler.

Blue’s Clues
Blue’s Clues revolutionized children’s programming by being the first to invite young viewers to participate in the show. The show resembles a storybook with its use of primary colors and basic shapes and these concepts appeal to young children. It centers around a lovable puppy named Blue and her owner Steve, later replaced by Joe. Blue has a mystery her owner needs to solve and in order to do so, he must find all three clues she’s left for him. The clues are marked by her blue paw prints. Her owner then keeps track of the clues in his notebook and has to solve the mystery by combining those clues. The show invites children to problem solve and help the characters. It teaches them self-confidence while interjecting humor that both you and your child appreciate.

Doc McStuffins 
Almost every child imagines that their stuffed animals and toys can come to life and this show makes that a reality. Doc McStuffins follows a 6-year-old girl named Dottie who aspires to be a doctor just like her mother. She puts on her magic stethoscope and her toys come to life. Dottie cures the ailments of her stuffed animals and toys through diagnosis and problem solving. The show features short, catchy songs and offers advice for children on how to be healthy. It teaches valuable life lessons in a way your toddler can relate to.

Dora the Explorer
Since 2000, this cartoon has been teaching children how to solve problems, speak Spanish and value friendships. Dora the Explorer is about a young Latina girl who sets out on adventures that involve three key steps that the audience has to help her remember and even physically act out with her. Dora is accompanied by her best friend Boots (a monkey who wears red boots). During Dora’s adventures, she has to overcome obstacles and thwart a thieving fox named Swiper. By interjecting Spanish words and phrases throughout the show, children learn a second language in a fun and memorable way.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
This is the only Mickey Mouse series cartoon aimed specifically at preschoolers. It started in 2006 and became a real hit with toddlers and preschoolers. The show follows a similar theme as Dora the Explorer, where Mickey and his friends set out on daily quests and overcome obstacles. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse differs from Dora in that there’s more humor in Mickey’s show that’s guaranteed to get your little ones giggling at the antics of Donald Duck and Goofy.

Sesame Street
You probably watched Sesame Street when you were little and the show has kept the attention of children for generations. While it has evolved to keep up with modern times, the recognizable characters of Big Bird, Count, Cookie Monster and Bert and Ernie are as entertaining and educational as ever. Sesame Street features segments with Muppets, human actors and cartoons to keep a toddler’s interest and stimulate their learning processes.

The best educational programs for your child are the ones that keep her focused and learning. Take some time to discover what you and she both like and watch together.


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