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Top Five Smartphones for Summer 2013

by Soft2share.com

The warm weather has arrived and with it, a collection of brand new Smartphones. For those looking to upgrade from their current model, we have a list of the top five Smartphones released for summer.


  1. BlackBerry Z10:

Whilst the Q10 from BlackBerry wasn’t particularly well received, the Z10 is likely to be much more popular. It comes with the newly released BlackBerry 10 operating system, as well as a decent selection of apps. The screen is well-suited to playing games and watching videos, with its dual core processor and its 720p screen. There is also the BlackBerry Messenger of course, along with some interesting new features, including screen sharing. However, the Messenger system has been updated and has a voice control option, so users can open an app, update their social networks, schedule a meeting or make a phone call by using their voice.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung followed the same pattern as last year, waiting until after the Mobile World Congress was over to release their latest Smartphone device, the Galaxy S4. Samsung seemed to have stepped up their game with this new offering; whilst the Galaxy S4 looks quite similar to the S3, it now features full HD display and has an 8 core processor, which should allow for easy multi-tasking. In addition to this, they’ve also added in Smart Pause and Smart Scroll. Its camera has a number of features, including Panorama, High Dynamic Range, Best Photo, Eraser, Animated Photo, Sound & Shot, Drama Shot and Dual Shot.

  1. Sony Xperia Z

The Xperia Z from Sony comes with a five inch, 1080p display, 2GB of RAM and a quad core processor. It uses the Android Jellybean operating system and its body is both water and shock resistance, meaning that it can be thrown into a pool of water for up to thirty minutes and will still work afterwards. Its camera comes with noise reduction for videos, as well as colour management and contrast enhancement for still images. Experts in the industry have predicted that everyone will be trading in their old phones, getting cash for mobile devices they no longer use and investing their money in the Xperia Z, but only time will tell if this phone lives up to the hype.

  1. Nokia Lumia 925

The Nokia Lumia 925 features a Windows 8 operating system and comes with a durable polycarbonate body. With a dual core processor and a 720p screen, it should work well for those that like to multi-task and use several different apps at once. Its camera uses ‘Pure-View’ technology, six lenses as well as Carl Zeiss optics and so it may be a good option for those interested in snapping photos when they’re on the move.

  1. HTC One

Last but not least is the HTC One. This comes with an Ultra-Pixel Camera, which has several new functions that make it easier to create, manipulate and edit videos and still images. It comes with a quad core, 1.7GHz processor which HTC say has eliminated any sluggishness and lag when using multiple apps. It has a 1080p HD display, with a 4.7 inch screen and uses the HTC Sense 5 interface.

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