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Top Help Desk Metrics that help in boosting Business’s Productivity

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Nowadays, most of the business owners go for outsourced technical support services because they know that running an in-house call centre can affect the business’s bottom line. Plus, loyal customers may switch to other company if they don’t get the desired technical help at the time of urgency.

In the business world, one proverb is so famous and that is ‘what gets measured gets improved.’ But this old adage sometimes creates confusion when it comes to choosing metrics that can help in boosting productivity. This is so because there are several metrics that could be helpful for the businesses. But there are some that can decide the fate of any business.

Do you want to know about the top help desk metrics that always play a crucial role in boosting the business’s productivity? Have a look at the following pointers that will surely help you regarding the same:

Response time

A prompt response is the basic of expectations of the customers from the businesses.

A poor response time can easily take any business towards the downfall because customers don’t like to wait for a long time span to get the desired solutions. That’s the main reason why most of the business owners opt for outsourced technical support so that nothing can affect the brand image.

Moreover, both the response time and customer satisfaction level go hand in hand. This aspect reveals that why the significance of the response time metric cannot be ignored. In addition, this metric aids the help desk call centres in knowing the average time that help desk staff mostly takes to respond to support requests.

Resolution time

From the business’s point of view, time to provide resolution is very important. This is so because the time that customers have to wait so that all the issues get resolved decides the CX level. What’s more, resolution time is indirectly proportional to the CSAT score. This means if resolution time increases, CSAT score decreases or vice versa.

The customers start leaving the business when they have to make contact with the help desk agents multiple times to get the resolution of the same issue.

Apart from that, it is imperative for the help desk agents to understand that there is no point in giving a prompt response if customer’s issues don’t get resolved properly.

Agent utilization

To offer phenomenal outsourced technical support, help desk call centres always try to make most out of the agents. But sometimes this leads to a high agent turnover rate, which, in turn, leads to poor productivity and high customer attrition rate. This is so because agents also need some time for themselves in order to reduce stress level.

On the other hand, it is significant to ensure that agents don’t waste much time in the name of a timeout. Here, the significance of agent utilization metric gets increased because it shows agent’s productivity.

Furthermore, BPO firms always instruct managers or supervisors to keep their eyes on this metric because if agent utilization rate reaches to 70-80%, chances of a high agent attrition rate would increase.

So, it is vitally important to keep the help desk agents happy in order to ensure high CSAT score and better business’s bottom line.


Do you know the aspect that help-desk managers mainly care for? ‘Ticket Backlogs.’

This is so because large ticket backlogs can easily put the brakes on the momentum of ongoing success and lead to a high customer attrition rate.

Usually, the problem of backlogs pops out whenever the average number of requests increases. To deal with large ticket backlogs, most of the help desk call centres make use of the help desk ticketing system because it helps the agents in solving more tickets within a short period of time.

Here are two reasons that will shed more light on why it is crucial to reduce backlogs:

  • Large ticket backlogs always lead to negative word-of-mouth publicity. Consequently, this affects the brand image and results in poor productivity.
  • The workload on the help desk staff always increases owing to the increased ticket backlogs. This aspect affects job satisfaction level, which, in turn, leads to a high agent turnover rate.

Customer satisfaction

Last but not the least, customer satisfaction is the metric that shows whether customers are happy with the provided services or not. The influence of this metric cannot be underestimated because 86% of customers don’t hesitate while cutting the ties with that company which doesn’t offer reliable help desk services.

To keep the CSAT score in check, help desk call centres bring the chat support service into the play. This service enhances the customer experience. As a result, this leads to the long-term association.


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