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Top Places to Live in Dubai in 2021

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There’s no shortage of reasons anyone can need to be convinced that Dubai is the ideal place to live. Whether you’re looking for investing in the real estate industry or living in a top-tier residence, the emirate has you covered. So, the question isn’t why you should move to Dubai. Rather, it’s where you should live in Dubai.

Since it can get overwhelming to decide on a place that fulfils your individual requirements, we’ve comprised a list of places that have appealed to everyone. Here are the top places to live in Dubai in 2021:  

Palm Jumeirah

Being one of the most opulent neighbourhoods of the emirate, Palm Jumeirah enjoys a reputation unlike any other. A man-made archipelago also referred to as the eighth wonder of the world, Palm Jumeirah is a community in demand from all over the world. Some of the world’s most notable celebrities, wealthy personalities and royalties have residences in the Palm.

Famous among investors as well as families, the area offers serene and scenic horizons of the Arabian Sea on one side. On the other, you have the emirate’s skyline offering you a magnificent view to wake up to. When it comes to amenities, the area certainly offers nothing less than the absolute best. In terms of restaurants, you can expect the finest dining experience in Simply Italian Restaurant, Cinque, Frevo in Fairmont and the Miyabi Susho & Bento, to name some.  

Akoya Oxygen

DAMAC has established a name for itself among the top developers in the country, if not in the world. Akoya Oxygen is another project by the master developer after the undoubted success of DAMAC Hills Estate. Based in Dubailand, the project is one of the many in line to fill up the vacant land parcels on the eastern side.

Akoya sets itself apart from other communities with the lavish infrastructure that nestles a golf course within it. Rightfully named, the project offers the latest innovations making it possible for an eco-friendly community to thrive in the emirate. Featuring green landscapes till the horizon, with parks and lawns surrounding every property, Akoya welcomes families and youngsters alike.

Amenities in and around the community are plentiful and can appeal to everyone. Hospitals, schools, gyms and fitness centres, restaurants, malls, cinemas, etc. Everything is available nearby with the only exception being that it’s a serene and peaceful neighbourhood that’s away from the hubbub of the city.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina has reigned as the most demanded location in the emirate for a long time. Even now, the area is the ideal place for youngsters looking for everything the centre of the emirate has to offer. You’ll find landmark attractions, entertainment spots, high-rise apartment buildings or standalone waterfront properties, etc. as part of the area’s commendable infrastructure. Dubai Marina might have pricier properties but the surrounding factors such as the amenities and facilities definitely justify it.

You can find iconic projects such as the world-famous Princess Tower in the Marina or the Pentominium, which are 414m and 516m high, respectively. These, along with other residential projects, offer luxurious amenities and facilities to all residents. Furthermore, you can walk to all major commercial hubs that lie in close proximity. This is something that sets the Marina apart from other places.  

Jumeirah Beach Residences

JBR is also another sought-after locality among tenants and buyers. As the name shows, the area offers beachfront properties such as Murjan’s iconic cluster of 6 towers offering state of the art studios,1,2,3,4 and even 5-bedroom apartments.

Stepping outside your door, you’ll find landmark attractions such as the Walk, and the Beach mall. Being near Dubai Marina, the area features everything along with over 40 residential towers and buildings. The iconic Jumeirah Beach is open to all residents with a separate sports venue dedicated to volleyball and tennis. However, you can even find fly-boarding and jet-skiing or go for deep-sea fishing. Couples absolutely love the chance to go out for scenic boat cruises that are offered in the area.

The JBR isn’t tucked away in the corner, as one might assume. Since it’s conveniently close to the JBR 1 tram station, travelling locally isn’t a problem for most residents. Moreover, it’s also connected to Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, making it all the more accessible.

Although this might be wholesome, it’s not an exhaustive list of places you can consider for your residence. With enough research and groundwork, you can definitely pick out the ideal place for you to live.

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