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Top Reasons to Opt for Cloudera Training

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Information Technology is the discipline where you need a continuous learning approach, in order to take a further step in the career. Cloudera training will give you new heights in the salary package. The in-depth curriculum will prepare you against the latest challenges in data science, DevOps delivery, testing, Microsoft, big data and security.

Cloudera Data Scientist

Cloudera Training in Bangalore will help in developing the skills for building the information platforms along with analytical tools and it will result in reducing cost, increasing profits, retaining customers, identifying new opportunities and improving products. The training program will prepare you to become a Data Scientist. The training program will help in understanding what these professionals do and how they will solve the problem. The training program will be able to deploy new analytics projects.

Cloudera Developer

The Cloudera admin training in Bangalore will deliver all the key concepts and will help in creating robust data processing applications via the use of Apache Hadoop. The training course will help in preparing against the real world challenges in Hadoop.

The focused training will include the Hadoop structure and will offer practical training along with hands-on exercises. These exercises will teach you the ways for importing data from the available existing sources, processing the data with the help of various techniques like Hadoop, Java and so on. The individual will also learn to work with Pig and Apache Hive.

Every session will be interactive and participants will able to navigate the Hadoop ecosystem. The training will make you learn about MapReduce code and HDFS. You will learn about Hadoop development and debugging. In fact, you will be comfortable with the implementation of the workflows as well as common algorithms.

Training will make you leverage with Hive, Sqoop, Oozie, Hadoop ecosystem, Flume, and Pig projects. This will be best suitable for engineers and developers that have experience in programming. In fact, familiarity with Java is also recommended.

Cloudera training will let you understand the various concepts:

  • HDFS
  • MapReduce Work
  • MapReduce applications
  • Debugging and developing MapReduce applications
  • Algorithms for MapReduce tasks
  • Creating large workflows via the use of Oozie.
  • Hadoop
  • Introduction to Oozie
  • Introduction to Pig, Impala, and Hive

Cloudera Administrator Training

This Cloudera Administrator Training will provide the participants with an understanding of all important concepts. This training course will help in the preparation to face challenges.

Cloudera Manager will feature those that will manage the cluster easier like aggregated logging, resource management, service management, reports, and alerts. Get familiar with the internals of YARN, HDFS, Spark, and MapReduce. Adopt the best practices for maintaining and preparing Apache Hadoop. Get expertise in handling Hadoop issues. This one is best suited for those who have a basic understanding of Linux.

Xebia Academy will provide world-class and professional Cloudera Training in Bangalore to take your career upward. It is an official Cloudera training partner. The training program will help you in enhancing your required skills and grabbing wonderful opportunities. Get updated with the latest curriculum along with innovation. Enhance your profile with this training program.

Company Name: Xebia Academy  Global
Address: The HIVE Workspaces, VR Bengaluru – 560048 KA
Email ID: enquiretraining@xebia.com
Contact No. :+91 8800698437
Web: https://www.xebiaacademyglobal.com

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