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Treatment for Blood Cancer in Mumbai

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Blood cancer refers to malignancies of the blood, bone marrow, or lymph nodes that cause uncontrolled blood cell production and alter functions in the human body. It can occur in any of these organs. However, illiteracy and a lack of information about blood cancer and its appearance are the most prevalent concerns now observed among the Indian population. It is important to note that most people are unaware that blood cancer is curable and that a patient can be given a second chance at life through chemotherapy and other treatment methods. Additionally, some patients will require a stem cell transplant, especially those who are not eligible or benefitting from chemotherapy treatment. Reliance hospital Mumbai provides all treatment options for blood cancer treatment. An expert team of oncologists guides a patient to choose the best possible treatment as per their stage and other health conditions.

In India, a considerable number of people are affected by blood cancer every year. However, Routine check-ups make it feasible to discover and diagnose risk factors early in their development. Having frequent fitness checks may provide thorough information about your general health. It can aid in the detection of many forms of blood cancer and other significant illnesses such as heart disease. The three most common kinds of blood cancers that affect the Indian population are leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma.

  • Leukemia – People who have leukemia produce a large number of white blood cells that are incapable of fighting infections. In leukemia, the types of white blood cells affected and whether the disease progresses fast (acute) or slowly (chronic) are classified into four categories (chronic).
  • Lymphoma – It is a condition when normal blood cells become malignant and expand uncontrollably, resulting in the development of blood cancer. There are four major kinds, which are distinguished by the affected cells (myeloblasts, lymphocytes, etc.) and whether the illness is gradual or rapid in progression (chronic, acute).
  • Multiple myeloma – It is a condition that develops in the bone marrow when plasma cells (a kind of blood cell) begin to grow uncontrollably. As the cells proliferate, they weaken the immune system and slow the formation and function of white and red blood cells, causing bone disease, organ damage, and anemia, among other diseases.

Treatment options for blood cancer – There are a variety of therapy options available at cancer hospitals in India for blood cancer. However, the treatment method depends on your type of blood cancer, your overall health, and your personal preferences. You might be undergoing a single type of therapy or a combination of treatments. Some patients with slow-growing blood cancer may not require therapy immediately, depending on their circumstances.

Blood Chemotherapy – Chemotherapy is one of the most effective treatments for blood cancer, and it is often administered by the mouth or through an injection into a vein. The drug(s) move throughout the circulation, destroying malignant cells, and are frequently used in combination with other therapies — including stem cell transplants, which can help restore healthy blood cells — to get the best results. Reliance hospital Mumbai offers adjuvant Chemotherapy and neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for cancer patients.  

Blood Cancer and Stem Cell Transplants – A stem cell transplant can cure some blood cancers by eliminating abnormal stem cells that produce malignant blood cells and may replace them with healthy stem cells that produce healthy blood cells. This procedure entails receiving heavy doses of chemotherapy to kill the Patient’s existing stem cells, followed by a bone marrow transplant to restore bone marrow with healthy stem cells once the chemotherapy has been completed.

A stem cell transplant can also be used to replenish stem cells if the Patient requires large doses of chemotherapy to treat blood cancer, which can destroy bone marrow and stem cells due to the chemotherapy.

Immunotherapy – Immunotherapy employs a Patient’s immune system to fight cancer. Immunotherapy is any cancer treatment that uses the immune system to help it function.

The immune system is triggered to detect and kill cancer cells in some immunotherapy medicines. The medication binds itself to a cancer cell, making it more straightforward for your immune system to identify. As a result, your body’s immune system attacks Rituximab, an immunotherapy medication that acts in this way. In CAR-T treatment, the Patient’s T cells (a kind of white blood cell that typically fights infection) are genetically engineered to detect and kill cancer cells. Reliance hospital Mumbai ensures quality immunotherapy treatment for blood cancer patients.  

Blood targeted therapy – Targeted treatment aims at medicines and other substances that target specific molecules that help a disease develop, progress, and spread. The goal is to target cancer’s specific genes, proteins, blood arteries, or host tissue while sparing healthy cells. Several targeted treatments for blood malignancies are currently authorized, with more in clinical studies. Targeted treatments are usually administered alone or alongside chemotherapy. They are used as initial therapy or after previous treatments have failed or cancer has reappeared.

Blood radiation treatment – Radiotherapy for blood cancers is a treatment that involves using high-energy X-rays or other particles emitted by external equipment to destroy malignant cells while shrinking tumors.

Likewise, other cancer treatments or blood cancer treatments may cause some side effects in a patient. These side-effects can be managed by discussing them with your healthcare provider or expert. Also, if a patient isn’t benefitting from a treatment method, he/she may ask or consult their healthcare provider to change the treatment method for better health outcomes.

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