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Trending Wedding Dresses Colors in 2021 to Inspire You

by Soft2share.com

Are you planning a wedding this year? Well, you are likely to be searching for the latest wedding trends. One of the first things while planning a wedding should be deciding on the wedding colors. It is equally important if you want to get a wedding dress that contrasts with the color scheme. If you want to be up-to-date with the latest color trends at the wedding, read through our blog to know the trending wedding hues. We mean the wedding palette with the trending colors, be it the wedding dresses, the decor theme, or the flavors. 

Here are the colors that are hitting the 2021 wedding trends. 

  • Powder Blue

Powder blue has dominated the weddings of 2020, and it has made its way to 2021. The color is ideal for weddings with subtle and magical vibes. Brides and bridesmaids can look stunning in powder blue wedding gowns. Incorporating this look in your wardrobe and carrying it to the wedding is a wise choice. Its pastel shades and breezy vibe are here to stay. It can even make casual wedding dresses look luxurious. We’ll be seeing a lot more powder blue wedding photos in the upcoming year, and we are not going to hate them. 

  • Blush Pink

We have seen quite a lot of wedding trends in blush pink. Since pastels have always been in fashion, we think it is a flattering color option for weddings. The stores online have some mind blowing designs in pastel pink midi wedding dresses. The color is pretty and would look stunning on you. If you cannot decide on any other color, pastel pink is the right choice to go for. You can have the best wedding pictures with everything covered in pastel pink hues. Start planning how you’ll be executing this beautiful hue at your wedding. 

  • Lilac And Lavender

Lilac and lavender are two different shades of purple, and it has been in fashion recently. Incorporating two different shades of color adds an impressive contrast to the wedding aura. You can choose one of those cute wedding dresses in lavender and let your groom wear a lilac dress. We have seen some eye-gazing stage decor in lilac and lavender colors. These two are great hues to stand out from the crowd and to have aesthetic wedding pictures. Want to add those contrasting wedding photos to your Instagram? Introduce these colors to the wedding setup, and you’ll be all set. 

  • Burgundy

Burgundy is a sensual shade of red that looks flattering on everyone. The color has a special vibe that suits perfectly at the wedding, especially when it is an outdoor setting. More than the bridesmaids, burgundy is the color that matches the center stage of the bride. The stores offer sexy wedding dresses on sale. You can shop for a burgundy bridal dress at an affordable price. Burgundy is more suitable for winter and spring. During winter, choose the wedding palette mixed with deep purples and luxe blues. For spring weddings, go with color pallets like white, ivory, and greens. The trends of wedding dresses in 2021 revolve around keeping a balance between the palette of the venue and dress. 

  • Champagne

Champagne is a unique yet attractive color. It is a soft shade of yellow that looks super romantic at weddings. Be it mini wedding dresses or floor-length, the color complements any kind of dress. Choose ivory flowers for the venue decor with champagne curtains. The color also looks flattering with other pastel colors like brown and green. The color also works well if you are looking for formal wedding dresses. 

Choose your favorite palette among these and get a wedding dress of a similar color. Shop wedding dresses on sale to get your favorite colored dress at a cheap price. 


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