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Tutorial for Electric Testing

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As humans, we love making our lives easier and simpler. Yet in the process of doing so, we often end up complicating our lives further. A good example is what we have achieved so far in the field of electricity.

Over the years, numerous technological barriers and new breakthroughs in the electrical field have ensured that simple and easy-to-use gadgets and gizmos make our lives super comfortable. On the hand, the same technological advancements have also complicated our lives to the extent that we have become so addicted to the little boxes such as microwaves and smartphones that we feel lost without them.


Electrical circuit today is complex and sophisticated
The degree of miniaturization and sophistication of electrical circuitry required for nifty gadgets and portable appliances have left only a handful of us with the expert know-how of dealing with them. Thus, while most of us only know how to use the portable appliances we buy, very few of us can troubleshoot or read the signs and actually portend what is going to go wrong with these appliances and how soon.

This is where electrical testing of hand-held and portable devices becomes important. Another reason why such testing should be mandatory and regular is because with time, electrical circuitry also starts to break down, releasing infra-red radiation, which is harmful on long-term exposure. Such infra-red rays cannot be detected by the naked eye or smelled by a keen nose.

PAT testing a must 

Given this context, electrical testing of your favourite or most used portable devices and appliances is then a must. Electrical companies and technicians that carry out such periodic electric testing or portable appliance testing (PAT) come armed with special, state of the art, PAT tester kits such as the Fluke tester kit or the equally useful Robin tester kit, which come in a handy carry case, complete with a comprehensive set of accessories, alongside the testing meter, to allow immediate and accurate PAT testing. 

While Fluke and Robin PAT kits are the most popular ones, another latest kit is the Seaward Primetest 350 PAT Tester that is a top-notch  PAT checker and comes  with up-to-date technology making testing quick and more effective, saving both you and your technician loads of time.

Seaward Primetest tester – The latest and the best
The USP of the Seaward Primetest 350 Tester is that it uses Bluetooth technology, meaning it communicates with all your accessory gadgets without using wires. It runs on high powered batteries, which are rechargeable, thereby allowing you the freedom to conduct various tests.

Thus, if you have never had the portable appliances in your house checked and tested for infra-red radiation, then now is the good time to do it. But before choosing a PAT technician, always ask him about the equipment he uses and ensure you only get serviced by a technician who has the latest PAT tester kit, as mentioned above, and has the know-how of how to use these effectively.

Grace is an expert associated with Pass Ltd., specialists in electrical testing equipment and calibration.

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