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Twitch Isn’t Just About Gaming

by Soft2share.com

Unless you’ve somehow managed to avoid knowing anyone who likes gaming, you have probably heard about Twitch. It is a streaming website where gamers can broadcast their gameplay live, or watch others. But is that all Twitch has to offer? While it’s true that it is most famous for gaming, there are many other categories of live streams found on the website.

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What Other Kinds Of Content Is On Twitch

If you visit their website (or use one of the apps) you will find that Twitch categories are divided into four types: Games, IRL (in real life), Music, and eSports. 

We already know that gaming and eSports are just two types of gameplay. Under the music category musicians are live streaming videos of themselves playing music. Not only that, some have used the platform to showcase their skills at curating playlists, so they are broadcasting other music (as a playlist) instead. Some have created a radio-show type of live stream, while others are using it as a way to podcast (well, live-podcast). 

The point is, there is a wide variety of content that people are uploading on Twitch, and there is nothing that is stopping you from joining them. If you feel you aren’t musically talented, nor are you into gaming, you can also get creative and broadcast your own category of show in the IRL section. There is no limit on what you can broadcast, as long as you can keep an audience engaged. 

Here’s A Few Of The More Unexpected Things We Found On Twitch

If you’re surprised that there’s more than just gaming on Twitch, how would you react if you knew that there are people streaming ASMR sessions? Some of those sessions seem to have an adult tone to them, but nothing too R-rated. They accept requests, with a preset menu of “prices” displayed on the screen. 

We also found people who cook on camera, which you might think isn’t something new. But keep in mind these are ordinary people, and it is a live broadcast with no production team behind the camera. So there are a lot of mundane tasks like chopping onions and washing salad. 

Some artists are using the platform to express their creativity, painting or drawing on their streams. As users comment, the artists can change their paintings accordingly. There’s many other types of streams that we haven’t yet explored. 

As you can see, Twitch isn’t just for gaming – it’s a place for people on the internet to connect a whole new way. If you feel up for the challenge, it is also an easy way to make some extra money.

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