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Understanding EVA Foam And What Are Its Top 5 Uses?

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EVA or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate is a copolymer foam that is generally used in the form of a substitute during the production of goods. It can be used as a substitute for natural rubber, vinyl, neoprene, wood composites, fibreglass, and mineral wool. EVA sheet foam manufacturers in India suggest the top uses of EVA foam to be in the form of flooring, sports equipment, crafts, and for set designs.

The foam is known to hold extremely beneficial characteristics. From its provision of a strong resistance towards low temperatures to its resistance against ultraviolet rays and its hot-melt adhesive water properties. It can also withhold strong levels of vibrations and strong forces. It absorbs noise, is slip-resistant, and easy to clean, and is lightweight and sturdy. The material absorbs collisions and does not allow the impact to reach the other side. EVA is also resistant to water, oil and chemical spills and holds low water absorption rates. Due to these reasons, the foam sheet tends to be a more preferred option in comparison to the materials it substitutes.

With regard to the characteristic properties of the material, it can and is easily used in the production and protection of quite a few products. Some of the top uses of the material are:

  1. In the form of a mat: Sheet foam is often used for the production of yoga mats, baby mats, etc. Available in various designs, the material helps in the absorption of tension and can thus, help in lower levels of fatigue post a workout. These mats are generally recommended for exercise areas, i.e. baby playrooms, for yoga, pilates or even cross fit.
  • For the development of adhesives: EVA emulsions can be used for the creation of adhesives that can further be resourced into packaging and bookbinding. It can also be mixed with resin and wax in order to create even stronger adhesives in the form of hot-melt adhesives and hot-glue gun sticks.
  • As the encapsulation material for solar modules: In order to entrap photovoltaic modules in solar modules, EVA sheets are as good as a necessity. With the ability to gather 80% of the photovoltaic modules that fall over on it, EVA sheets are placed under a protective glass cover followed by the cells, another EVA sheet and then a final backsheet to complete the model. Companies like https://vishakharenewables.com/ are EVA sheet manufacturers in India and can accommodate solar solutions and a line of supreme quality products that can help you be innovative and ecological all at once.
  • As a thermoplastic mouth guard: As a soft and flexible material, EVA helps in making some of the best mouthguards for athletic use. Not only does it feel comfortable in the mouth, but it also acts as the absorbent of any force that acts upon it. Known to withstand impact and even noise, a thermoplastic mouthguard is as safe as it is due to the presence of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate.
  • As a swimming kickboard: EVA foam also holds a high level of buoyancy and thus, can act as a floating material underwater. Available in a wide variety of colours and in the form of lightweight material, EVA is a favourite when it comes to the aquatic industry.

Lightweight and shockproof, EVA foam can be highly beneficial when it comes to sports. It does not hold odour and gives a glossy finish. Due to its wide range of properties, the material is used among a wide amount of products and thus, holds a very diverse range of products, be they ecological or comfortable.

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