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Use Salesforce Data Loader to Migrate Data Flawlessly

by Soft2share.com

Salesforce is a unique and innovative service based on cloud computing that allow companies to manage sales as well as customer relations in an effective manner. This powerful holds all the vital information and help the sales to perform in an effective manner, regardless of the location. Today, the nature of businesses is to create versatile companies with the sales team that stay on the top of their jobs at a given location. Salesforce makes it possible for companies to work from a single location and keep the vital information or data in a safe place. That is the reason why Salesforce data loader is preferred these days. It helps companies to integrate data flawlessly in an effective manner.


Salesforce data migration provides an exceptional data integration solution to companies that deal with huge volumes of data. It minimizes the time consumed and at the same time, one can integrate the data effortlessly. Companies will be able to synchronize accounts and contacts in less time by using Salesforce data migration. Not only this, it lets companies manage new orders and data for integrated reporting and analysis. One can use numerous instances of on-demand applications that have been designed separately for technical and non-technical managers. These applications enable managers to integrate cloud-based data with different business programs. Salesforce data Migrator offers a powerful and versatile platform for procuring complex integrations that include complex functions and source-to-target mappings.

Features of Salesforce data Migrator

Salesforce data Migrator is a client application that is used to import and export bulk data. Companies can use it to insert, update and export Salesforce records. The data loader reads and loads the data from CSV files to form a database during the process of importing data. On the contrary, the data loader outputs the CSV files during the process of exporting data. Below are some of the features of Salesforce data Migrator-

  • Salesforce data migration solutions ensure easy access to the database while eradicating the numerous duplicate entries.
  • It helps managers simplify the process of migration, replication and synchronization of data across multiple business applications and databases using a variety of data transformation tools to explore – contacts, accounts, leads and customers through an easy to use interface.
  • Supports large files with as much as 5 million records
  • Detailed success and error report is generated in CSV format
  • Supports multiple operating systems like – windows XP, windows 7 and Mac OS X.
  • Has built-in CSV file viewer with drag-and-drop field mapping facility

There are numerous companies that provide data migration services. You can easily find a suitable company to answer the data migration needs of your business. However, you must ensure the level of proficiency of the solution provider by going through the testimonials provided on their website. Flosum is one such company that provides complete release management solutions for Salesforce platform. It helps organizations migrate data from one system to the other in minutes.

There is no doubt that salesforce data loader is an easy to use tool that help companies migrate their data into salesforce objects. One can stay assured about the confidentiality of the data, as salesforce spends hundreds of millions of dollars to protect the data. Flosum is built on a reliable cloud platform, hence, one need not to worry about security vulnerabilities. Many companies deal with security issues such as account hacking on a regular basis. A salesforce data migrator will give you peace of mind that the data is safe and secured.

You can visit http://www.flosum.com/salesforce-data-migrator/ to know more about salesforce data migration.



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