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Valuable Tips to Fix Your Smartphone’s Software Issues

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If you are looking to buy a new smartphone you would surely want to purchase a phone that would function perfectly for a long time, however, unfortunately, there is no guarantee that it will. Even though, the phone works efficiently for the first few months, it may not work the same way forever. As the new technology is becoming more and more complex, the smartphone companies are packing in a whole range of the features in such a small device. This greatly increases the risk of the phone breaking down or something going wrong eventually.

Valuable Tips to Fix Your Smartphone’s Software Issues

Valuable Tips to Fix Your Smartphone’s Software Issues

It is a general notion among people that the cheap or the affordable phones are more prone to have issues than the premium ones. However, this is far from truth, as a matter of fact if you check the Micromax mobile price in India, the range of phones from the brand are quite affordable than other brands but still these phones tend to work efficiently for a long time without no glitches at all. Still Micromax phones are not completely immune to facing software issues. If you are a Micromax smartphone user, you too might face some troubles while using your phone, like display not working well, the phone switching off automatically, app malfunctioning or the device working slowly. Fortunately, if you encounter any such problems, there are a few simple tricks that you can try yourself to fix the issues.

Soft Reset 

This is one of the easiest fix tricks and it is also called as power cycle or restart. If you are facing lagging issues or if any of the app is not functioning properly, then it is best advised to switch off the phone and wait for a couple of minutes before you turn it on again. Most of the times the minor software problems can be fixed by switching off the phone and turn it on again.

Hard Reset

If you notice that the problem persists even after restarting your phone, the next thing to try is to do a Hard Reset. Simply switch off your phone and remove the battery, SIM card and even the memory card and wait for a few minutes, then put all the components back and switch on the phone. This forces all the programs running on the phone to stop and start afresh, which usually fixes all the glitches.

Software Update

If the soft reset or hard reset has not worked for you, then the problem might be with your OS and you may need a software update. Check to see if there is any software update available by searching for ‘Software updates’. If you are using an Android phone, you can search for the new updates by a click on settings –> more –> about device –> software update. If there is any new update available, then the update will initiate automatically and you just have to run the update. IPhone users can update their software by plugging their phone into items.

Usually, with most smartphones the smaller updates are done automatically, but some big updates like updating to a new OS has to be initiated by the user. The new updates contain bug fixes and it solves the software glitches

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