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VoIP Technology is Changing the Way Businesses Communicate

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With today’s advances in technology, an increasing percentage of businesses are able to operate on an international level. While in the past the cost of international communication was prohibitive for many small businesses, new long distance calling and internet technology makes it increasingly cost-effective. This is due to changes in mobile phone technology as well as the advances of VoIP programs.


VoIP Technology

Voice over Internet Protocol takes analogue audio signals and turning them into digital data, which can then be transmitted online. It allows you to place free phone calls over the computer, bypassing the phone company at the same time. There are several different types of services to choose from. One is with an analogue telephone adaptor, or ATA. This allows you to hook up your standard phone to your computer, converting signals to data. IP phones are another option, using an Ethernet connector to allow you to make calls from any WiFI hotspot. However, the majority of VoIP calls are simply placed over the computer, using its microphone, speakers, internet connection, and sound card.

The mobile phone is considered to be essential for any business, and with today’s array of apps and smartphone functions it’s possible for business owners to stay connected on the go. With voice over internet protocol services, this connectivity is taken a step further. This allows users to place long distance calls, engage in video conferencing, or take part in chat sessions with multiple contacts all from a central phone or computer. Hosted IP-based video allows business to rent virtual videoconferencing space at low monthly rates, and subscription services give full employee access to VoIP accounts.

An increasing number of customers are turning to ecommerce to satisfy their retail needs, and for businesses in this sector it’s particularly important to stay in contact. VoIP goes beyond regular mobile services to allow chat functions and instant messaging. This can be connected to a phone number to give customers multiple ways to reach the customer service team, at very low cost to the business.

How Businesses Can Improve Communication

Because using a regular mobile phone or landline to place international phone calls is so expensive, businesses can use this technology primarily to save money. Small businesses can save on both long distance and local calls using internet protocol, and set up conferencing options to stay in touch with both clients and employees. When employees are travelling for work, the business can either set them up with a free international SIM card or a company VoIP account to cut costs.

Using VoIP technology also holds the benefit of allowing businesses to expand their business with multiple phone lines, and add in new features at a low cost. These programs allow you to integrate video, audio, web, and email applications along with your phone usage for a multimedia experience. This can be useful for presentation purposes or long distance conferencing. For businesses expanding internationally, training sessions can be held remotely.

For a business to stay connected in today’s international climate, it’s easier than ever to get started. You can order a free SIM card now from numerous providers, to try out various mobile phone services. These combined with VoIP provide numerous cost-effective options. When using VoIP, calls between members of the same network are free, with the added benefit of video conferencing.

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