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vrBackupper & Oculus Mover

by Soft2share.com

Hello, guys, if you a player of Facebook Oculus Rift, you may need some software to protect or optimize the Oculus system. In this article, we would like to introduce vrBackupper and Oculus Mover to you.

Both vrBackupper and Oculus Mover are developed by AOMEI company. The 1.0 version is called vrBackupper, then 2.0 version changed to Oculus Mover. They are tools for Oculus virtual reality system. vrBackupper is used to backup Oculus data and Oculus Mover is used to easily move all games in Oculus installation directory to another drive to release disk space for other usage, solving low disk space problem. They are freeware.

Under the help of Oculus Mover, you are able to transfer Oculus Rift games and apps from its original drive (usually system C Disk) to another drive with much free space. It takes the place of the traditional way to move Oculus to another drive is to do it with mklink. Thus, a lot of disk space will be spared out in source drive for other usage, maybe for saving future Oculus Rift VR games or Oculus Rift upcoming games. Apart from migrating games for Oculus Rift, Oculus Game Mover can also move other items out of original storage space, such as Oculus Rift videos, apps, pictures, music, etc, as long as these items were stored in ”Software” or ”Download” folder in Oculus. This migration Oculus installation file directory to another place profits from AOMEI Partition Assistant’ migrate OS to SSD feature.

If you want to backup Oculus data such as game data and app data, we recommend you to try vrBackupper, which will detect the target automatically. However, vrBackupper only supports Windows 10 64bit. While Oculus Mover supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64 bit), so we suggest you to own them together.


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