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We Offer an Authorized and Full UK Hikvision Warranty With All Our Products Hilook colorvu

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ColorVu Cameras Capture Bright Chromatic Images in Darkness:

HiLook ColorVu Cameras deliver bright color video images 24/7 in low light situations. They surpass at capturing bright chromatic images in a crowd of claim scenarios, such as public places with no lighting, night security at industrial parks, traffic junctures in low light environments, and many more – all over color information is predominantly important.

Our business has well-known itself as an exceedingly trusted Trade distributor & retailer concentrating in Innovative CCTV surveillance systems & fixtures. We have the technical know-how to help you make the precise choice for your requirements. All the products we vend offer outstanding value for money, outstanding quality, and outstanding performance.


Hikvision ColorVu Camera’s authoritative ability to capture details in low illumination comes from two definite innovations in hardware technologies: forward-thinking lenses and high-performance sensors. Joined with supplemental light for very dark scenarios, ColorVu cameras guarantee video with colorful particulars when you prerequisite them.

A New Hikvision ColorVu IP CCTV System Installation for a Residential Property

A new Hikvision ColorVu IP CCTV system installation in inhabited assets, using the very newest technology the customer can have remote access 24 hours a day using the Hikvision Connect App.

The CCTV cameras also have built-in video analytics with tripwire technology alerting the owners promptly to any would-be burglars crossing into their housing property around all borders of the house. The CCTV cameras can also be regarded on the client’s TVs and home PCs.


Our CCTV system design squad will generate the seamless CCTV system to protect your possessions, providing accurate CCTV equipment tailored in the right place to give you the best probable view of the protected areas fixed with user-friendly dependable control.


Our CCTV system design crew will generate the perfect CCTV system to defend your property, providing the precise CCTV equipment fitted in the right place to give you the best thinkable view of the endangered area coupled with user-friendly steadfast control. We deliver our CCTV services from our office in the Wirral, North Wales, Liverpool, Chester, Cheshire, and around North West UK.


With several years of CCTV installation practice, our CCTV installers can install your new CCTV camera system quickly and professionally paying specific attention to hiding wires and networks, after all, we wouldn’t want dreadful wiring on show around our homes also, so you’re in good hands, whether you are resident to us in on the Wirral, Cheshire, Liverpool, Chester, and across the North West and North Wales.


After the CCTV systems installation is comprehensive we offer a “here when you want us” CCTV maintenance service counting emergency callout and annual helpful CCTV maintenance engineer visits to keep your CCTV system well preserved and working appropriately, in Liverpool, Chester, Cheshire, Neston near Parkgate and around the Wirral, North Wales, across North West UK.


For additional composure and to fulfill with more and more insurance policy supplies we offer a remote CCTV monitoring service which watches over your CCTV system 24/7, this is a very profitable service which gives you the information that even if you can’t be there, we constantly are. Imagine being able to view what’s happening at home or work without essentially being there!

Well, all of our CCTV systems come with the capability for you to only and securely login through our free mobile security app to patterned that the kid’s are home from school or that your office is locked up at night and in combination with one of our intelligent alarm systems if you get an alarming ailment you can log in to the cameras to explore what’s happening before you call the police.

About Us:

CCTV Direct Online supply CCTV Security Cameras, CCTV Recorders, alarms, and security lighting direct to the trade and trade markets. Dedicated to quality. We ensure that the goods and services we deliver surpass our customer’s prospects. Observing industry best performs and frequently improving the efficiency of our services.

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