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Why Website Security is important for your Business

by Soft2share.com

Website security scans are becoming more popular among companies in the IT world. A website security scan is a specialized tool that will instantly give you an added line of eyes to watch over your site and alert you if there are any potential threats to it. They will automatically scan the whole web for different security risks, identify the risks, highlight potential vulnerabilities that have to be fixed, and guide you as to how to remedy the security issues found. With the help of a website security scan, your web host can provide you with several benefits. It can help prevent hacking and data loss, detect and clean holes in your security measures, enhance your website performance and security, and save you money by not having to invest in new software or updating your system every now and then.

Functions of Website Security Checker:

Your website security checker has two main functions. The first is to protect you from the cyber-Criminals. They use the tool to hack into your server and access your files and folders. These cyber criminals can also upload files and folders that contain your company’s and your customer’s sensitive and highly confidential information, as well as infecting other websites which you may link back to your site. When these data and information are publishing online, they can cause serious havoc to your business, and even lead to the exposure of your company’s confidential data and clients’ information to the cyber criminals.

A website security scan will be able to detect and fix these threats before they cause too much damage. This is the second function of a scanner. The scan can also detect and fix the loopholes which allow the hackers to get sensitive data encrypted and protected on the server, even when you update or install new web applications and scripts on your server. This is vital because if your web applications and scripts are not encrypted your customers’ and employees’ data will be susceptible to the hackers.

Types Of website security scan:

There are different types of website security scan available to help you find and remove the various threats to your website. For the basic users, there are free and paid malware scanning programs. The free malware scanners are generally reliable and effective in detecting threats on your system. But they have limited capability and they might not be able to detect all the malware threats on your server.

On the other hand, a paid website security scan is an ideal way to secure sensitive data and information against attacks from the cyber criminals. The paid scanners work by locating unique IP addresses of the hackers who are responsible for cyber-attacks. They then scan your system to determine if the IP address is being used to send spam, hack into your servers and use your sensitive data. If it is, then the hackers to gain access and can easily bypass all of the security measures you have in place.

A website security scan also helps identify the cyber attackers, their modus operandi and their method of attack. Most of the time, you may not be able to determine the source of the attacks but a detailed analysis can help you identify them. When the attackers have succeeded in hacking into your system, they usually upload a number of codes that can steal your sensitive data. The most common source of attack is through email phishing where hackers will use fake emails to get you to open phishing links.

However, you can prevent such problems from happening to you by running a website security scan frequently. You may think it is a waste of time but the truth is, hackers often make their efforts and attempts to infiltrate into your system through these hackings. In order to detect and remove all the possible threats, you need to scan the system at least once every week. Scanning more often will help you save more time and effort because the cyber criminals keep changing their ways of doing things. Moreover, the updates provided by website security check are also quite effective as most of the hackers tend to make small updates to the software program to try and evade detection.


By simply running a website security scan on your system on a regular basis, you will be able to identify and repair the most vulnerabilities. This will also help you keep your system free from the threats and you will be able to run more smoothly and effectively. Keep in mind that there are many ways you can do to ensure your system’s safety and security. For example, installing an updated anti-virus application, use protection for your website, frequent vulnerability scanning, and so forth.

Your website scanner is designed to supplement other security measures, never replace them. This means you should always be keeping security center and front on all times. The cost and time needed to weed out any possible security problems before they become actual problems will be much less than the time and cost needed to sort… problems out of the haywire that is the internet.

The website scanner isn’t there to tell you that your website is secure. It’s there to let you know that you may have some security issues that need to be looked into and fixed before it becomes a serious issue. Many security issues can be easily identified by simply running a vulnerability scan and fixing the ones you find. The website scanner shouldn’t be used as a replacement for scanning and fixing your own system. It should only be used to look for vulnerabilities that may exist and then fix them.

If you use your website scanning and fixing techniques like I suggested earlier, you should have very little problem with malware detection and removal. The beauty of running vulnerability scans on your system (I personally use a program called Softcopies) is that they will not only find malware but other types of “viruses” as well. By running these scans regularly, you can ensure your server and your website are protected from all threats. And the best part about it… you can remove malware from your system with a tool like this!

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