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Wedding invitation Boxes; Your guide to creating a timeless, beautiful piece

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Weddings cards can either be very beautiful, impactful and pleasing to the eyes, can be just okay or in most cases be an eyesore. The wrong color combinations, selection of images, design and the font brew the perfect recipe for an ugly wedding card. It is a fairly tight rope that one has to walk in order to get the recipe right for a visually appealing wedding card. While the rope might be tight, it isn’t exactly rocket science. By adhering to only a few rules and keeping the following things in mind, you can come up with your own custom invitation boxes which will not only get the message across but be beautiful too.

Invitation Boxes

The color combination:

The color combination is perhaps the most important thing to get right when customizing your wedding invites. Pastels are evergreen and there almost no combination in the pastel family that you could get wrong. If you are from the groom’s side, then having a design or a pattern printed in light green and blue with white would look spectacular.

Contrarily, if you are from the bride’s side, then having your cards printed pink, yellow or any color for that matter would be great. While bright colors may be done too, if you are unsure, it is best to not risk it and go with pastels and light colors. Light colors look elegant and timeless while bright colors on wedding cards may not look as visually appealing.

The box style:

The box style you choose for the invites can be as per your preference and requirement. The most commonly used box styles for invites are rigid boxes with lid, magnetic flip top boxes and die cut boxes. If you want to live the full Bridesmaids fantasy and copy the design Helen Harris came up with, for the bachelorette party invite, the magnetic flip top box with custom inserts will be the best choice for you. If you would like to go the simple and minimal way, then having your boxes designed in a sleeve display box with tray will be wise. Through the display window, the invitee can view the wedding card and if they would like to touch and feel it, they could pull the tray out.


When it comes to customizing wedding invitation boxes, going the simpler way will be best if you do not have a designer on hand. Packaging manufacturing companies offer multiple add-ons for invitation boxes, which include spot UV, embossing, debossing, silver and/or gold foiling, matte and glossy finishing. Using these add-ons scarcely will be best as if you go overboard, the result may not be very good.

An idea? Since minimalism is all the rage nowadays and looks aesthetically pleasing at all times, having the text embossed or debossed would be great. Imagine the complete box in white, embossed with a cursive font. Elegant, timeless and cost-effective. Moreover, another simple yet pretty route that you could take is getting the box die-cut. A simple or an intricate design, both would look good as long as the manufacturer has done a good die-cutting job.

If you would like to know more about custom invitation packaging, get in touch with Custom Boxes Hub, for more information. In today’s age, the phrase “less is more” really does hold water as the world is progressing toward minimalism and clean design, so design your invitation boxes wisely!

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