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What are some credible salient features of OMR Software?

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Many professionals across various industries implement OMR software to collect data and further process it to generate detailed statistical reports. Since many years OMR technology is being used and has always been tagged along by some limitations that makes it not so effective method. But with recent developments of OMR software tables have turned. The earlier lag in OMR has been replaced by the efficiency of software with benefits like- increased speed of sheet processing, easy to use and cost-efficient setup and 100% accuracy in the generated results.

Salient features of OMR Software

The most basic feature of the OMR processing software is that it eliminates the drawbacks of manual functioning and replaces it with complete automate functionalities. Every aspect of designing, scanning and evaluating of OMR sheets is covered by one of the AI enabled attribute of the software that makes it an error free procedure.

Now, if we go into the details of the process of OMR software, then we can get highlights of some credible salient features of this technology:


Easily design OMR based sheets and forms

The OMR designing software comes with an inbuilt template option to design standard OMR sheets. Apart from that it also provides the feature of a designer module that lets you create exclusive OMR sheets and forms which you can also save for later use. One can also use the components of a default template to create a layout according to the requirements.

MCQ based OMR sheets can also be easily designed with the provided helping features. All that needs to be done is to define the parameters of test like- how many sections are required and number of questions. You can add extra details to the sheet such as firm logo, components and test fields, and then it can be conveniently printed as OMR sheets.

Printing process of OMR sheets

Printing OMR sheets by using OMR software is an economic and hassle free process. No special printer is required to carry out the task, any type of printer- laser printers, photocopier machines, inkjet printers and offset printers can be used to print the sheets. Even no special sheets are required; OMR pattern can be created on regular sheets (60-80 GSM) without any complicacy. The software can also print OCR sheet numbers and barcode.

Scanning process of OMR sheets

OMR sheets are efficiently read by the OMR software once the scanning process is over. The best part of scanning OMR sheets with dedicated software is that it can be paired with any normal scanner- Flatbed/ MFP/ADF and still the efficiency doesn’t get compromised. OMR processing software is capable enough to read single sided as well as duplex OMR sheets along with reading data (OMR, OCR and barcode) and also images during a single scan.

Process of data collection from scanned OMR sheets

– OMR software enables easy and quick data procurement from OMR sheets.
– The black marks created on the OMR sheets are read by the standard reader module.
– It comes with an inbuilt AI scanner that rectifies the misaligned and wrongly scanned sheets.
– User alert feature notifies the faults in the sheets such as- double edges and over-marking. They can be easily rectified by manual edits.

Some other salient features of OMR Software are:

OMR Results and its Accuracy

OMR processing software works on the strong grounds of providing 100% accuracy in extracting result under any circumstances from the OMR sheets. Its robust functionality manages to read even sheets that are skewed or tilted; the software automatically straightens the sheets and reads them. If the sheets are too much tilted then the user is automatically notified with alerts.
User Friendly

OMR sheet designing and reading software is a highly user-friendly technology that does not require any prior expertise or knowledge to be operated. While purchasing OMR software, most of the time users are given a short training session and that is enough to use it with ease. The data obtained doesn’t need to be manually classified or read, it gets automatically distributed into statistical presentation that is not at all hard to decipher.

Data sorting

The data obtained doesn’t need to be manually classified or read; it gets automatically sorted and filtered as per the requirement and also gets saved for future reference.
Identification of Mandatory and Duplicate forms and fields

It identifies error files and reread faulty files with accurate data. It also has a feature to highlight mandatory fields on the OMR forms.

The OMR software solution is a boon to various industries as its application has sorted out many complexities which have been an issue earlier. Conducting assessments, MCQ based tests, designing OMR based checklists, surveys or even application forms, OMR software has brought an overall revolution in all varied aspects of different sectors. The technology that existed from a real long time has finally taken the shape of a significant utility tool that has numerous benefits to its users.

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