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What Are The Benefits Of Bike Lane Paint?

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Adding separate lanes for bikers is quite beneficial for the people. Some benefits might shock you. Protected bike lanes are beneficial to pedestrians as it increases safety. It also increases business for local shops and reduces traffic. The goal is to provide a physical barrier between the cyclists and the automobiles using bike lane paint. These are commonly found in cities which are large and face the difficulty of huge traffic. There, cycling will be the quickest option to reach the destination than driving.

bike lane paint

bike lane paint

Reduces the Chances of Accidents

The bike lane paint used in bike lanes is clearly visible and long lasting. The bike lanes help in reducing the chances of accidents which are common when there are no separate bike lanes for people. The bike lanes separate the vehicles, making it a safer environment for both cyclists and automobiles. It provides drivers with one less thing to think about driving. Another benefit of bike lanes is that it reduces the traffic a lot less than one can even think of. This also attracts a lot more bikers, thus resulting in less pollution.

Increases Safety For The People Walking On Road

Separate bike lanes reduce riding of a bike on the pedestrian. It is said that riding bikes on sidewalks can be reduced by as much as 56% with the help of bike lane paint. This makes it a lot safer for the people walking on roads. It makes a lot more space for the people moving in a stroll or in groups etc. You can also have an economic benefit by using bike lanes. You can increase foot traffic by making the sidewalk safer for the pedestrian.

Dividing the road using bike lane paint decreases the distance of crossing and calms down the traffic, and also reduces the risk of pedestrians getting injured. Therefore, every city must have a protected bike lane for the people.

Increases The Sales of Storefront

Local businesses will be happy to hear that adding protected bike lanes can actually increase their business. According to the reports of NYC department of transportation, the business of the stores near the places where bike lanes are installed increased by 49%, whereas the business of the other places increased only by 3%. This indirectly shows that the bike lane paint has something to do with the business.

Protected bike lanes call in more cyclists. It is estimated that around 55% of people started to cycle due to the measures that are taken for the safety of the bikers. The bikers’ lane brings in more traffic by cyclists, and more traffic means more business.

Controls The Level Of Pollution

Cycling controls the level of pollution in the city to a great extent. This is because when there will be separate bike lanes, people will generally choose cycling over driving for short distances. This will save the natural resource petrol and diesel, and the level of pollution in the air caused by the smoke coming out from vehicles will also come down. Using bike lanes is also ultimately good for the environment.

bike lane paint

bike lane paint

Promotes Cycling Over Driving

When the first documentation took place and bike lanes were installed, the number of cyclists increased by as much as 75%. It was seen that on an average, 71% people agreed to the fact that they will ride bikes and cycles more often, but the only matter of concern was safety which was solved with the usage of bike lane paint. Therefore, one should take measures to install more bike lanes by talking to the elected officials.

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